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Sep 18, 2012 03:06 AM

Late Night in Portland

I tried doing a search, but came up empty. We are arriving late to Portland tonight. I know that Eventide is open until midnight and intend to go there if we arrive in time. What about restaurants open after midnight on a Tuesday night. Is there any hope of getting a meal?

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  1. I'm sure this isn't what you are looking for but I assume the is a Denny's or McDonald's. Both of which are open 24 hours. I assume there must be better options.

    1. Portland closes up pretty early, especially midweek. Bars must stop serving by 1AM in Maine so if you get to a place right at midnight you'll hopefully be able to squeeze in a quick meal. A couple places will still be serving food, tho. Boda Thai serves its late night menu until 1 am on Tuesday, and Nosh might still be serving? Bars like Rosie's, Gritty's or Sebago may still be serving food, (I'm not sure how late the kitchens stay open on a Tuesday, so you may want to call ahead--)

      Other than pizza places that cater to the post-bar crowd like Bill's and Pat's, I'm not sure what else might still be open after midnight on a tuesday. Anybody else have any ideas?

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        I think Boda is the best bet. Nosh is also open until 1 am. Eventide and Pai Men Miyake serve until midnight. If you're arriving on a late flight and taking a hotel shuttle into town, I'd have the driver drop you off at Boda and take your bags to the hotel. Then walk or cab it after eating.

      2. The only places I can think of is Boda for sure til 1a.m., Check with Nosh but i think they might just be til midnight. There's a chance Novare Res does serve til 1 but that's more snack like. Also, I think Sebago Brewing has a late night menu that goes til 1