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Sep 18, 2012 02:44 AM

New Years in Miami - please help


My parents (in their 60s) have decided that they would like to spend the New Years Eve in Miami. They would prefer an upscale dinner, it can be a prix-fixe menu, with great wines and cocktails, and of course great food. Budget is not an issue, good food and drinks is.

Atmosphere-wise, they like to dress up, they like some live music and dancing (age appropriate music :-) and they like to go out a bit to do some people watching. The room should also have a nice view, e.g. for fireworks watching or something like that. It can be in a hotel or a very nice restaurant.

To put in an example, the year before last they were in NYC in the Radisson hotel on Times Square for their special New Years Eve dinner with the view of the Times Square and the ball drop and everything.

I have never been to Miami so I have no idea which neighbourhood I should look for. I would say they would prefer to stay on the beach but they are willing to get into a taxi for a good meal.

Please help! Thank you!

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  1. On the beach:
    J&G Grill
    Perhaps scarpetta - if they are willing to deal with the traffic and the crowds at the fountainbleu. If they were willing to do time square, they may be able to deal with the whole hassle the fountainbleu will be during new years. You can get a table overlooking the pool area at scarpetta.

    Off the beach:
    Edge Steak Bar
    Il Gabbiano

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      Follow tpigeon's advice.....Nobody knows Miami Beach like tpigeon......Bullet-proof......

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