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Sep 17, 2012 11:15 PM

I75/I10 from Orlando to Pensacola Beach

The Mr. And I are headed up to Pensacola Beach for a music fest later this week and was hoping to get a few suggestions for places to stop and grab a bite along the way there and back. Planning on taking the turnpike till it hits 75 then of course i10 the rest of the way. Don't want to venture off the path more than 5 miles or so. Open to all ethnicities, just nothing too fancy as we'll be dressed in road trip comfy clothing.
Would also love a few suggestions for places in the Pensacola Beach area, especially a great oyster bar.

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  1. If Gainesville is too early to stop, maybe lake City, exit 427 and back track a 1/2 mile to Mike's Cafe. About as decent, non chain close to I-75 as you'll get until Tallahassee. I'm sure other Tally Hounds will chime in with their favs all over the map. But if you want to stop in Tallahassee, I suggest taking exit 203, turn left at the light at the ramp and head south 1/2 mile to Ted's Montana and get a great burger. Or go 2 miles down and stop at Piggy's BBQ on your left across from an auto dealership. If you turn rigth at the exit ramp, and go through a series of lights there's several places for lunch in the Market Square area. But you'll need to google map for directions. Some names, Hopkins for sandwiches, Moziak for good lunch, Momos for great pizza, Tally's Grill for good burgers and fast service, Jersey Mikes for subs, Old Town Cafe for diner food. There's a new Cuban place behind Old Town and next to Tally's, but it's a mixed bag on reviews and I haven't eaten there.