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Sep 17, 2012 08:33 PM

anniversary lunch on a weekday in SF with infant

Hi folks,

Looking to celebrate our anniversary in SF next month - it'll be a weekday and we'll have our six month old with us. I'd like something special but hopefully not too expensive (under $100 total with no drinks). We have enjoyed Gary Danko and Fifth Floor on past anniversary dinners.

Thanks for your help!

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  1. Interesting question. Most upscale places don't serve lunch, or if they do, they cater to a business clientele that's not particularly romantic or baby friendly. Maybe Spruce?

    1. Do you have any specific neighborhood, in mind? The FiDi restaurants will likely be busy during weekday lunch and perhaps not that great with an infant.

      Ruth's recommendation of Spruce is a good one, and in that same neighborhood Sociale is a lovely, little romantic spot. They have a charming courtyard, if the weather is good.

      Any neighborhoods in SF that would be easier for you to get to, or that you prefer?

      1. Cotogna? If you go at a bit of an off time, the place won't be packed for a weekday lunch and the restaurant feels very spacious and lets in a lot of light. It's not fine dining, but it has good food, atmosphere and service

        1. sushi ran? (in sausalito)

          1. Not sure about neighborhoods - we'll have to find parking no matter what. I'm hoping to go to the exploratorium during the day but we don't have to lunch near there. I'm hoping to lunch in SF and not cross a bridge just for a meal.


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              Then the Spruce or Sociale reccos are good, they are both in the Laurel Heights neighborhood near the Presidio. Parking is not too difficult in that area. It's a short drive from the Exploratorium.

              From the Exploratorium area you can also access the Marina neighborhood which has many restaurants. Street parking is difficult there, but there is a public garage (Chestnut & Scott, IIRC).