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Sep 17, 2012 07:36 PM

wee hour eats and wifi near PHL airport

I'm visiting my kid @ Lehigh at the end of the month. Return flight leaves PHL at 5 am Mon. I probably wont leave Bethlehem (I'll have a rented car) until after 10 pm Sun., so don't want to deal with a hotel stay for only a couple of hours. I'd like to while away a coupla hours at a diner or bar/restaurant on the way to or not too far from the airport. Wifi would help, but not absolutely required. Being a longtime NOLA resident, I'm good with gritty character over safety and pristine cleanliness. After all, how good can a place be, if roaches dont wanna eat there. Good 24/7 coffee and pie or similar would be a big plus. Any recs will be greatly appreciated.

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  1. Penrose Diner is perfect for location but I'm pretty sure they don't have Wifi. Thought they were 24 hours but just looked and that's only Fri and Sat night--they close at midnight on Sunday.

    If a bar atmosphere is ok, the South Philly Taproom has Wifi and serves food until 1am, closes at 2am; chill atmosphere, especially on a Sunday night. The food is great, though I haven't had any of the desserts on the current menu. But they sounds really good: fresh donuts, polenta budino, fried PB&J. Can't speak to the coffee but the beer selection is very good.

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      Thanx! S. Phly Taproom looks like a good call. Still interested in some good old style roadhouse/diner type spots if anybody's got some. Might need more than one place, since ABO's close so early in quakerland.

    2. South Philly Taproom might be a PITA for parking, especially in the middle of the night. I would suggest maybe Oregon Diner or Melrose Diner. Both are open 24/7, have parking lots and are off of major streets. Unfortunately neither has Wifi.

      1. I second the Oregon Diner. Old school diner where the food is solid and the waitresses will call you Hon.

        If you're in the city after midnight, I recommend a stop at Center City Soft Pretzel Co. and getting soft pretzels fresh out of the oven. Perfect for breakfast on your flight back.

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          Thanks very much to musugu and lawgirl for the additional suggestions. I may try them all. I'll post back with results, assuming I make it--God willing, that is. Any additional recommendations will also be appreciated and tried, if possible. As to wifi, guess we'll have to see what's available. May just have to tether. Life is so hard in the 21st C.

        2. Here's the after action report, short form: Oregon Diner is awesome!

          Convenient to PHL, parking, and plenty of gas stations nearby, so you can top off that rental before returning. Caveat: If during pro football season, it will probably be packed and a giant pain to even get to well before and well after a Beagles home game. I got to the Oregon at @ 3 am, after the Beagles/Giants game and the streets were lined solid with cars, quite a few PPD units doing various duties and still a few revelers basking in the dim after-glow. By that time, there was very little traffic and no crowd, though. City Soft Pretzel was shuttered--maybe sold out or just not wanting to deal with an earlier massive, rowdy crowd. I had traditional eggs, ham, grits, toast breakfast, but I should've just gorged myself on the vast array of baked goods (did get a very good apple/cinnamon muffin on the way out). I'll get that right on my next trip. Service was great--diner friendly, efficient, not intrusive or pushy. Food was very good, everything well prep'd. When the waitress realized she was pouring the last of a pot of coffee for me and a cop, she quickly brewed a fresh one and replaced ours asap.

          Unfortunately, just didn't get into Philly early enough to make the full crawl of places suggested, so those adventures await another trip. Thanks again to all who made suggestions.

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            Glad you enjoyed the Oregon Diner! I just was there for dinner on Wed. and it didn't disappoint.