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Sep 17, 2012 05:50 PM

New Tagine: favorites?

I broke down and bought a Tagine off Amazon before we, in California, started to get charged sales tax. It came Friday and Sat I made Chicken Thighs with Olives and Preserved Lemon. It was wonderful, though I almost overflowed it.

Any favorite recipes? I am going to do a lamb tagine next weekend but would love any recipes you enjoy.


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  1. I'm planning to make a kefta tagine's one of the easier Moroccan dishes. Don't have a tagine yet but the dutch oven works well for it. Mix some ground beef with spices (cumin, paprika, red chili powder, salt/pepper), onion, and cilantro/parsley. Brown in olive oil, then set aside. Make a tomato sauce by sauteeing some onions, garlic and tomatoes and a little ras al hanout or a bit of the same spices used in the meatballs. Throw the meatballs back in the pot to simmer. Let simmer till sauce thickens. Then break a few eggs over the meatballs, let them poach for a few minutes and serve.

    1. No sales tax until now? We put up with 13% in Ontario, but we survive, and don't worry about health.
      I love my tagine, and use it for everything braised. Stew, fricasse, paella, bouillabaiise, mussels, arroz con pollo, chile, mole, even cassoulet. I just check the internet before cooking to get an idea of what I might do.
      I do find it is better to start the dish on stove top, and when all ingredients are in, go to the oven for the most even heat. Left on stove top there may be scorching (I use an Emile Henry and gas).

      1. My favorite is probably Paula Wolfert's lamb tagine with melting tomatoes and onions. There is a similar one with chicken, onions and raisins that is a favorite also. At this point though I tend to just toss in what sounds good together based on what I have on hand.