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Sep 17, 2012 05:39 PM

GREAT food...AND great AMBIANCE in san diego... help?!

Hi everyone,so! six of my girlfriends are going out on the town on the 29th... as part of my 50th Birthday celebration weekend! We are ALL foodies, 1 of us is a thai chef, 2 are from out of town. We will be dressed up for dancing, and it needs to feel special, but NOT over the top (elegance or $$). I have searched, looked at ratings, and more...

Sbicca? Hexagone? Blue Boheme?
or does it need to be a chain (jakes,


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  1. I would recommend Georges (downstairs). Excellent food, good cocktails, nice ambience but not overly expensive. We had mediocre experiences at Sbicca and Blue Boheme

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    1. Unfortunately, I don't think you will get recs on this board for any of the restaurants you listed above.

      Honkman is right on.

      1. I would suggest Wine Vault for dinner and then Vin de Syrah for cocktails.

        1. Starlite for dinner. Then Aero Club for a whiskey. Then dancing at Bar Dynamite, then a late (even if subpar) taco at Luche Libre. All on one street with five min walks in between. You may be on the thin side of the bell curve, but then what more is a bell curve other than a silly statistical representation of meaningless "age" distribution?


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          1. Georges or Winevault.

            I'd not consider either of your possibilities based on your goals.

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              But you gotta admit that that sounds fun, right?