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Sep 17, 2012 05:25 PM

Delivery of full dinners/catered food to Twin Peaks area

A friend of mine is in the hospital, and will be heading home soon. They live in the Twin Peaks area, and I'm looking for ideas for restaurants that meet the following criteria:

a) offer gift certificates
b) deliver to Twin Peaks area
c) serve good food, preferably full meals...not looking for standard takeout, but rather slightly nicer meals that are closer to home cooking.

I'm sort of thinking that Inner Sunset and West Portal areas might be a good bet, since that's the side of Twin Peaks that they're on...although I suppose other areas (Castro, Cole Valley, etc.) could work if they delivered. I'll be buying a gift certificate, so any help would be appreciated!

Dave MP

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  1. I am looking forward to what this thread brings!
    I live in Twin Peaks and it feels slim. They don't deliver (I don't think), but we rely on Pasta Gino in Noe Valley for home cooking replacement food. Fantastic soups.

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      Dave, it occurred to me to share that I have been planning to try Ty Bistro in West Portal for delivery. It is a Thai restaurant, and I recently had a good meal there with friends. They deliver. Everyone iin my party was happy with their food. The portions were big.

    2. only used it a coupla times and it took longer and a few more $$ than a neighborhood joint but higher end than a pizza box being shoved through the door.

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      1. re: hill food

        Yeah, I saw this too. One restaurant that uses Waiters on Wheels is Park Chow in the Inner Sunset, so that could be a possibility.

        1. re: Dave MP

          the proximity of the restaurant never made much of a difference in delivery time through them. time of day and day of the week were more critical than geographic location.

      2. I also live near Twin Peaks and know what a pain it can be to get food delivered. Two places that have been consistently good are Kasa Indian in the Castro ( and Patxi's ( in the Inner Sunset. Both tend to take a while (~ an hour) to get the food to us, but they're good at getting the address right (we're pretty tucked away). I'm sure there are other places, but usually we just avoid the headache and drive down off the hill to get our takeout. Looking forward to other suggestions!