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New restaurant coming to the Danforth

I just walked by where Three's Company was and there is now a sign in the window. I believe it's called Slider Revolution. Looked like pulled pork among other sandwiches.
They had a website listed but I cant seem to find it, I may have confused the name slightly.
Here's hoping for a decent new addition!

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  1. Wow, sliders....how, uhm, 2008 of them

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      1. Oh dear god. Can't wait for this.


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          Funny, because earlier on Three's Company positioned it as someone bought the business from them. LOL Anyways, they needed to do something cuz that place wasn't going to be around much longer judging from the empty seats.

          I hope at least they give everything a good scrubbing because it sure needed one. We sat at the back a few months ago and thoroughly digusted, walked right back out again.

          1. re: millygirl

            After reading the article I actually think the concept sounds better than I would have expected from first impressions (sliders, yawn, and the ugly sign). But I hope she steps up her game a bit - the sauces and dressings at Three's were commercial and/or too sweet.

            1. re: julesrules

              Where on Danforth is this place?

              1. re: Herne

                Just east of Pape on the south side.

                1. re: cheesymama

                  OK That's why I don't recognize any of the places referred to. I seldom go east of the former IGA.

        2. I never actually made it to Three's company, sounds like I didn't miss much.
          My thought is I'm happy that this is opening instead of another crappy dungy bar.

          1. “They [Three’s Company] had a very successful brunch service,” Lee says.

            Well, not sure how you define success. Regardless, I'll look forward to trying this place.

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              Saw a sign out front - Slider Revolution is now open.

              1. re: millygirl

                These are not your regular sliders! While they have the pulled pork and prime rib for the less adventurous, they have some pretty unique ones. I've been there twice in the last week and have had 6 sliders so far. My faves : bulgogi, crab, meatball and philly steak. The traditional Pulled pork and prime rib are good too, I just like the more creative ones. Sides are good, my kids love the sweet potato chips more than the regular chips. I'll be going back to try the rest of the sliders.

                1. re: chewdaddy

                  That sounds rather promising. Glad they aren't trying to do the same ole, same ole.


                  1. re: chewdaddy

                    So these are chips rather than fries?
                    Looks like they kept some of the 3's Company brunch dishes like the benny on a scone. The sliders do sound interesting - at the very least, it'll take me a while to work my way thru the menu and figure out whether it's any good beyond novelty factor (unfortunately at 3's the verdict was no...)
                    Also I have to note that 2 sliders, a side and a drink is definitely going to come closer to $15 than $10 as originally hoped by the owner. That's not unreasonable if the taste is good. But $2.50 for bottled water?


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                  I think this place looks really good! I'm looking forward to trying it!

                  1. re: kwass

                    Agreed. Penciled in for lunch today.


                    1. re: Davwud

                      Make sure you report back! Love to hear about your experience!

                      1. re: kwass

                        Okay, had 2 sandwiches:
                        The Philly Steak was good, not great. I'd like it saucier and maybe with a bit more boldness of flavour.
                        The Mu Shu was very good but I'd like some sauce as well on there.
                        As you can tell, I love sauce.

                        The owner is VERY interested in getting feedback. To me, that's as positive as anything can be.

                        So, from an overall view based on one visit and two sandwiches, I'd say promising but could use some tweaks.
                        Plan on going back Friday for a couple more.


                        1. re: Davwud

                          Can you ask for more sauce? Or at least get more sauce on the side? Make sure you let us know about your 2nd experience.

                          1. re: kwass

                            Ya. You seem to be able to. Keep in mind that not all sandwiches come with sauce. For instance I suggested the Mu Shu would probably be better with some sriracha. So yes, ask.
                            They seem open to making it just right for you but the owner (Rich I think) did point out that they aren't about to completely rework a sandwich for you though.


                            1. re: Davwud

                              Ok. Good to know. I'm going to try and get there sometime within the next 2 weeks. So, I'll report back once I've been.

                          2. re: Davwud

                            I also had the Philly Steak and have to disagree with Davwud. In the Philly Steak, you can really taste the beef...it says on the website that they use AAA beef. I thinks drowning it in sauce would be like putting ketchup on a steak.

                            Davwud, since you like sauce, I'd recommend the meatball slider. I had it...classic italian meatball with a good marinara sauce...I'm sure they'd top you up on the marinara if you asked.

                            Agree, the owner is very interested in your feedback. Nice to see that in a restaurant nowadays.

                            also noticed they have their brunch menu on the website....lobster eggs benny...sounds awesome. I can't wait to try it.

                            Anyone tried brunch yet?

                            1. re: chewdaddy

                              Not brunch yet. But in terms of sliders, tried the bulgogi (excellent -- piled high with a nice crisp slaw as well) and pulled pork (saucy). Tasty, will definitely be back to try some of the others soon.