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Sep 17, 2012 04:45 PM

Craft Beers and Brew Pubs

We have a nephew coming to visit that is a real beer hound. For those of you really into these things, which are the really essential New England spots, outside of the Boston area? and does Portsmouth NH have a particularly worthy craft beer scene/ worth the one hour trip time? I've also heard there were some good brewers in the Newburyport/merrimac area?

And if you were doing a New Eng tour, what would be on your list of excellent locations? or if you could link me to a CH thread or an article.... much appreciated! Thx again.

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  1. Waterbury VT, check out Prohibition Pig.

    1. Pretty things has a list of places that serve the fantastic and interesting Brews
      Here is a link to a article on Craft Brewing in New England
      Portsmouth Brewery turns out some good ales
      Smuttynose in Portsmouth does tours
      In Portland Maine there is Allagash that turn out great Belgium Style Ales
      A link to Mass. Brewer's Guild
      That should get you started

      1. I think you should make the journey up to portland. You can take the train (Downeaster) from North Station if you don't want to drive then cab it to the Old Port. In the Old Port, all within a few blocks are Shipyard brewery, Gritty's, and, of course, Nuvare Res which can rival and pub anywhere. You can throw some great food into the mix to appeal to your tastes ( I follow and very much enjoy you posts on the Boston board) like the fried oyster bun and an Allagash Black at Eventide (add some oysters as well). Actually, most of the many really good restaurants in town come complete with a really nice beer selection. Come to Portland - you will solidify your place as his coolest uncle. How many chances will he ever have to get to Maine?

        1. The best breweries in New England in my opinion are;


          Hill Farmstead...Greensboro Bend,VT

          Lawson's Finest Liquids...Warren, VT


          Maine Beer Co....Portland,Me

          Pretty Things..Massachusetts

          I'm really like a lot from Element Brewing....Massachusetts

          White Birch is nice.....NH

          In my opinion Burlington Vermont, Stow Vermont and Portland Maine are the top 3 destinations to find great beer in New England.

          I'm sure I'm forgetting a few off the top of my head.

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            Heady Topper from the Alchemist is quite possibly the best beer made in the U.S. so yes they have to be first. Smuttynose puts out some serious beers.

            In Maine we have Oxbow and Marshall wharf up north a bit and of course Allagash and Maine Beer Company as our top Portland breweries.

            Haven't been but When PIgs Fly pizzeria/Bakery in Kittery has a super legit beer menu. Oxbow farmhouse might be the one beer I would drink every single day if I had to pick one


            1. re: grittys457

              Lucky me - my brother in Burlington swears by Heady Topper and is bringing a case for the 2 of us to sip in a couple weeks in Florida. He says he knows the actual day(s) of the week it is made, and he drinks it from the 16 oz. cans and not from a glass. He says there is a reason why.

              1. re: Veggo

                Because its pretty cloudy, and after two weeks in the can protiens coagulate and causes floaties - pour it into a glass and its quite disturbing to look at. And it's also a tongue in cheek jab at beer geeks.

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                  I talked with bro this morning about this - FL is still 89F by day, and my concern is the temp of the 2nd half of a pint, without being rushed to enjoy it cold. I have devised a plan that involves hammocks, coolers, and lots of ice, plus guacamole and rock and rolly. Thanks for the info, LStaff.

          2. I think the list goes something like this.

            Ebenezers Pub Lowell, ME - rated best beer bar in the world 4 years in a row.
            Novare Res Portland, ME - I am going there for the first time in Oct and am excited.

            In Vermont I feel ever place is pretty even when it comes to beer, there is about 5 or 6 places that are quite good.
            Three Penny Taproom Montpelier, VT - Beer is good, I usually eat at Mad Taco just down the streat
            Prohibition Pig Waterbury, VT - Beer is good, mixed cocktails are very nice, food to me is hit and miss.
            Blackback Pub Waterbury, VT - Good beer, don't bother with the food
            Worthy Burger S Royalton, VT - Good beer, great burgers and fries
            Farmhouse Tap & Grill Burlington, VT - Good beer, above average food
            American Flatbread Burlington Hearth / Zero Gravity Burlington, VT - Only in house made beer, which is awesome. Great pizza I personally always eat the specials get a large 1/2 & 1/2 of the meat and veg specials.

            I would personally keep my eye out for the followign VT breweries. Each is at the top of their game producing great product.
            Zero Gravity - Burlington VT
            Hill Farmstead - Greensboro, VT
            Lawsons Finest Liquids Waistfield, VT
            Fiddlehead Brewing Shelburne, VT

            There are a couple I have not tried, and until I do I can't recommend.

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              Ebeneezers ("voted best beer pub") also has a sister location in Brunswick Maine which is an easy jaunt off the 295. It's called Lion's Pride and they have 35 beers on tap.