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Sep 17, 2012 03:50 PM

Jeni's Main Street Grill in Southold... anyone have a menu?

I'd appreciate if someone could post a menu for them, breakfast in particular. Thanks.

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  1. Geez Louise Scott! Always with "the menu"! Oy vey!!
    Jeni's has excellent standard breakfast fare with superb biscuits and sticky buns. They always have interesting breakfast specials but alas no on line menu.
    We have not tried them for lunch, only breakfast. One of our North Fork favorites.

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      An hour and a half each way is a long drive to be disappointed (though of course I wouldn't go just for that). I wouldn't order biscuits or sticky buns, for example. If there aren't any interesting omelets/frittatas/scrambles there, I'll wish I'd gone to Bonnie Jean's instead.

      1. re: Scott_R

        Maybe you can call them and they can fax or email? Or at least tell you what kind of omelettes they feature, if you explain.

        1. re: coll

          We too, LOVE Jeni's and go often. They always have a special's board. My husband has had their brie, scallion, bacon omlete. He's addicted to their biscuts. Their turkey is roasted fresh, moist and delish. Have never had anything but an excellent breakfast and/or lunch. Way better than the Cutchogue diner too.

        2. re: Scott_R

          Calling ahead is one solution.
          If you like Bonnie Jean's you could always stop @ Jeni's and take a look first. We like Bonnie Jean's too but it is much more standard fare and not as creative as Jeni's.
          If you'd like another memorable breakfast/lunch experience head out to Greenport and Bruce's Cheese Emporium for a gourmet meal and the best bacon I have ever had.

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            The main thing stopping me with Jeni's is that most of what I see posted about it speaks about baked goods, which don't interest me for breakfast. Their FaceBook photo page on their breakfast specials,
            shows *only* pancakes, waffles, and such; the rest of the photos are all about sweets. From that, it didn't look promising that I'd find something I'd like.

            1. re: Scott_R

              It is worth a moment to walk in and look at their "Specials" board. Excellent creative omelettes, French toast and pancakes!!
              If you don't see anything you like you can always walk down the street and get a bacon and cheese omelette @ Bonnie's!

              1. re: Motosport

                Hey Scott, we took this just for you this morning! There were more specials than you can shake a stick at.

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                  Sorry, meant to post that I had other commitments. Thanks for the photos.

              2. re: Scott_R

                Jeni's FB pics are misleading...they have tons of egg/breakfast options, and many are creative. All homemade. We were there this past Sunday. Omletes and eggs, home fries, big portions, homemade biscuits...

                I brought home 2 pints of their homemade soup special: kale, tortolini, chick peas, garlic, onions - delish. My husband ordered a cup, I tasted it and wanted to bring it home.

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                  Let's all have a CH breakfast get together Sunday. Scott, are you in???

                  1. re: Motosport

                    Let me know, I'm free (but not too early!)

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                          Scott, we all met at Jeni's this morning, where were you? I had a chicken enchilada omelette that was out of this world, and we also shared a corn pancake with chili and fried eggs topping it off. There were several omelettes with multiple ingredients; the servings were ridiculously large for the price. We were lucky to get a table, there was a line out the door, although probably due to the Maritime Fesival in Greenport this weekend. Don't be afraid to check it out!

        3. Here is the breakfast I got, and to top it off, they make egg creams. Yay Jeni!

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            Amazing breakfast!! Very interesting offerings on the specials menu. Hope you can read it.
            My corn pancakes with 2 sunny side up eggs and chili was fabulous and enough to feed an army. I shared with everyone.
            We met Jeni who is an amazing woman. She was thrilled to meet some chowhounders!!
            Our little breakfast group was such great fun. Hope we do it again soon.

            1. re: Motosport

              Since it was hard to choose what to get, we will HAVE to do it again. Good thing we shared! Such a comfortable place, it is a worthy destination, whatever you are looking for.

          2. Finally made it out there, and it was OK.

            Things didn't start well... coffee was lukewarm and bitter; refills were hot and less bitter. They were doing a brisk business, so it would be surprising if the explanation was that first pot had been old.

            Good to see that there were a bunch of omelets on the menu as well as two omelet specials though, addressing the comparison with Bonnie Jean's, the offerings didn't really stand out as particularly more imaginative. Still, much better than what I'd seen at the Cutchogue diner, as an example.

            I don't normally get toast when I go out for breakfast--I'm a fair hand at baking bread and what I usually see offered at breakfast joints is the standard-fare presliced white/wheat/rye, which is bound to disappoint in comparison. But Jeni's has biscuits--I make killer biscuits, but rarely do so because I just don't eat enough of a batch quickly enough to justify doing so. So I ordered that along with my omelet (the Mediterranean? something like that... with sundried tomatoes).

            The omelet was fine. The omelets at Winnie's in Bay Shore (hope they reopen) were head and shoulders above it, but what I had was certainly in the upper range of average, bordering on pretty good. Home fries were disappointing, being kind of mushy. I have only myself to blame for the biscuit: I didn't think to specify no butter and it came slathered in butter, so I left it, just nibbling at the unbuttered bits--not enough to really give a definitive opinion. If the waitress noticed that I left the biscuit mostly untouched, she didn't comment. (Really, why do so many places automatically butter toast, etc.? They wouldn't add milk to coffee without being asked. Guess it's akin to automatically putting ketchup on burgers, though even that is less common.)

            I can't write a place off after one visit, and it wasn't *bad* at all, just not quite what I'd hoped. I suppose I'd try it again, under the right circumstances.