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Sep 17, 2012 03:24 PM

New Frenchie Reservation System:

Hey just thought I'd chime in to share the great news with everyone :)

Looks like FRENCHIE just implemented an online reservation system as of yesterday.

The same idea as "open table", you click your date, your setting, the number of people, and cross your fingers. It said they open up table 1.5 months in advance to allow people to make shorter-term reservations.

It seems like basically, at midnight (paris time), they will open up tables for the day 1.5 months (or 45 days) later. For example, just now (at 00:15 paris time), they opened up all the table for Nov. 2. and I reserved for 4 at 9:30 pm. Yay!

So just set an alarm for a date 45 days in advance of when you want to eat there, and you'll get a spot!

Say goodbye to reservation woes ;)

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  1. That will also mean goodbye to endless threads about Frenchie reservations and that's the real good news.

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    1. re: Ptipois

      You mean that we'll see posts about the food that people actually eat at Frenchie? People who can concentrate on the food rather than their extraordinary luck in securing a table? Cool.

      1. re: mangeur

        Not to mention the unbearable begging and groveling.

    2. I decided to see if I could score the elusive reservation for our upcoming trip, since I've never been and have heard raves from friends who have. (I've never had the patience necessary to deal with what I saw as a ridiculous process, but with the ease of the internets I figured Why not?) So I plugged in the dates and voila, it appeared that there were openings for our first 2 nights in Paris (the dates appeared "open" on the calendar..) Score! So I clicked on the seemingly available date and was given 2 time options. Sweet! So I clicked on 21:30, for 2, and received the following message:

      l n'est pas possible de réserver sur Internet pour ce jour là.

      Vous pouvez vérifier les disponibilités pour une autre date en cliquant ici :

      So I tried again and same story. And again, and same story.

      I don't understand why it would show the date as open, yet not allow me to make the reservation. Needless to say, I think this means that I am not destined to dine at Frenchie and my experience has only served to fuel my anti-Frenchie sentiment. Enjoy! There are hundreds of places well worth the unhassle in Paris.

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      1. re: sistereurope

        Yes it looks like the system shows dates for october that are not actually valid. Maybe the reservation works for 1 person or something? Either way, best bet is to log on exactly 45 days in advance so that you have no problems. Or just go somewhere else!! There are loads of fabulous restaurants in this fabulous city.

        1. re: CanadianAbroad2012

          I was being somewhat snarky, as I DO agree that there are way too many fabulous restaurants in Paris to have to go through a major hassle when making a reservation...which is why I've never eaten at Frenchie in all my trips to Paris. I tried the online system on a whim, because I was curious...if it proved to be easy to make a reservation from the comfort of my home, I figured I'd give it a try to see if it was actually worth the effort (i.e. if the FOOD was worth it).

          So now you can (in theory) make the reservation online, but even though there are dates showing as open, you have to log on exactly 45 days ahead to actually get the res?
          Ahhh! . No thanks. I just don't get it I guess.

        2. re: sistereurope

          Same experience. But finally I found a date that actually accepted reservations: of course it was after my departure. Since no lunch times have been offered, anyone know what is happening at lunchtime?

          1. re: shanemio

            It is closed at lunchtime. He changed to two dinner sittings only some time ago.

            1. re: PhilD

              No wonder there are no reservations available....thanks.