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Smith Bros Steakhouse & Tavern coming to Warden & Eglinton

I'd never heard of them until I saw the "Coming Soon" sign. Does anyone know a thing about them?

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  1. If you're curious enough, you might be able to squeeze info from them during their job fair tomorrow (1-4pm)

    1. They took over the existing Tucker's Marketplace right?

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        That's the spot, pakmode. It looks like they're planning success right out of the gate. It's a huge place and, no, leases aren't cheap at that intersection. Hopefully that's ambition and skill, not hubris, that made them decide to go big. Me? I just need them to be on a level with The Keg, not necessarily Barberians to make me happy. And boy oh boy they better have a good Amarone. Looks like it'll be ready to open their doors in about 2 weeks.

      2. According to their outgoing message, they're opening Tues, Oct 9. I might even go the first week if only to beat Scarberian there.

        I wish them luck. I can't imagine a worse time to open a restaurant featuring beef.

        1. Well Mother Tucker, you've rebranded yourself again. Now Tucker's Marketplace becomes Smith Bros which sounds nothing like Gruber Bros. I still wish them luck since that locale could definitely use a good steakhouse. I only hope they use The Keg, and not themselves, as their model for quality standards.

          1. There's at least one review out there on another website that isn't me. I ONLY post about food at ChowHound. Someone has stolen my identity and avatar. They've done a poor job of it as well which makes me think all of the posts are shills with the intention of knocking down our work here at ChowHound.

            First, spelling and grammatical errors wouldn't be typical of my writing. Second, the review was submitted the day before it opened calling the credibility of the writer, the fake me, into question. Third, I've been home all week with a cold. I couldn't have been there Monday or any other day this week.

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              I've just seen the posting that you are referring to and the fake you does not write like you. Actually, I suspect that all the postings (4) are by the same fella talking to himself.

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                It might be a sad attempt by a new website trying to build traction and reviews.

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                  T Long, thanks for noticing. pakmode, it'd be sadder still if this were some advertising firm's idea of clever.

            2. Loud, cold, flavourless, soulless.

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                Looks like I will be discovering this for myself. Because hubby heard an ad on the radio?!?! And I started the whole East York / Scarborough thing by suggesting Rally's or Crazy Tomato... total fail!

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                  You'll spend less money, be more comfortable, have a wider range of choices, and enjoy a better steak if you keep driving north on Warden as far as Ellesmere and go to Blackhorn Steakhouse. Blackhorn is located on the south side of Ellesmere just one quick block west of Warden in the same strip plaza as Kostas Meat Market.

                  Though prices appear lower at Smith, I don't believe they are. Judging by taste and appearance, Smith seems to be using AA steaks, not triple. They're wet-aged, not dry adding further to the blandness. The only items the steak comes with are a flavourless sauce and one of 3 types of potato. Blackhorn's steak comes as a complete meal, dessert excepted.

                  After my experience at Smith, I craved steak for days afterwards. My desire hadn't been anywhere near satisfied by them. That led me to trying Blackhorn. Beau and I will be making Blackhorn our local steakhouse. On the other hand, we'll never return to Smith.


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                    I noted they were bragging about wet-aging. Huh what? The menu is also so limited and boring, even for a steakhouse.
                    It's totally out of my hands at this point, I'm not the organizer or host, so I'll have to make the best of it. Good to know about Blackhorn for general reference, very few old school steakhouses left it seems - I guess the chains took over the market.

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                      Let me know the outcome of your night out. I'd predict Advertising Firm 1:JulesRules 0. This site needs to be the home of honest Smith Bros reviews. Other sites are filled with first time posters' glowing reviews.

                      What were hubby's issues with Rally & Crazy Tomato? I'm happy to answer questions if I can.

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                        No issues - it was just a group email discussion where I made the initial suggestions and hubby mentioned he'd also heard of another option. I thought I had him better trained. Then my Dad came back with a final decision. He's hosting, there are two guests of honour and some extra peeps so I dropped it (not about me this time ;) )
                        Tomorrow is d-day.
                        FYI - Herne just started a thread asking about recent experiences at Blackhorn.

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                      You totally called the flavourless steak. It was rare as requested, but chewier than rare should be. I kept putting salt and sauce on it - still tasteless.
                      They do have an option to add dessert & soup or salad for $7, desserts are $7 so you are getting a good-sized appetizer for "free". Taste of apps meh.
                      I did think the bite of triple chocolate brownie I tried had decent cocoa intensity without over-the-top sweetness, although I'm sure it's plenty sweet with the ice cream.
                      I can't complain about service, they did well with our large group and we had courtesy visits from managers and maybe even kitchen, they did seem to care about our experience. Better steak would make all the difference, but this isn't my type of place in location or style and i probably wouldn't go back anyway, so who am I to dictate? They had a decent crowd for Sunday night and maybe it suits the locals & big box location next to Boston Pizza.

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                        It seems to be the fast food approach to steak. IE If you only provide a tease of flavour, people will keep eating and eating in order to gain satisfaction. The seemingly inexpensive food racks up profit on increased volume of sales. Me, I prefer the French approach.

                        I agree that the service is fine. None of my issues with Smith Bros stems from the people working there.

                        I predict the place'll make a ba-jillion dollars whether we like it or not.