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Wine Tasting Day Trip from Santiago

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BF and I will be visiting Santiago in a few weeks and at the last minute have decided to take a day trip to visit a few wineries in either Maipo (preferably staying in the Puente Alto region for the distance factor) or Casablanca Valley. Since we’ll only have one day we would like to visit a minimum of 3 wineries plus a stop for lunch (doable?). We would love to include some smaller, family run wineries in the mix, but our Spanish is a little rusty so that may not work out.

Here’s what I’m thinking of so far:

If we choose Puente Alto, high on my list is Vina Almaviva. However I wasn’t sure what else would be close by (~10-25 minutes) and worthwhile to visit? I would really like to stay away from the mainstream places (ie the “Concho y Toro” types with tourists being shipped in by the bus full).

If we choose Casablanca, I was thinking Matetic and Emiliana (I like the idea of the wine and cheese combo tasting there). Maybe take in the scenery with a leisurely lunch at Vina Indomita?

It may be helpful to mention our tastes in wines – no real preference between reds or whites as long as the whites are not overly sweet/fruity. From what I understand the Puento Alto region grows mainly Cabs and Sauvignon Blanc is prevalent in Casablanca? Please correct me if I am mistaken. Researching has proven to be much more difficult than I anticipated and we would really appreciate any advice/recs that you can give!

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