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Good MTL restos with no alcohol?

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Hi. Any suggestions for good Montreal restos that have good food and interesting drinks but no liquor license and that are not byob?

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  1. Paul's Patates makes their own Spruce Beer and has great fries and poutine. Andalos does awesome manakish and has a variety of middle eastern beverages. Balkan Foods great Cevapi and pljeskavica and central European sodas. Chez Boris; savory doughnuts and good coffees. Dinette Triple Crown southern influenced food and iced tea. Halal 786; great Pakistani food and Lassis. Pho Lien and Pho Bang New York; Tonkinese soup and Vietnamese iced coffee. And Wilensky's: A special and an egg cream.

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      Homemade spruce beer contains alcohol. It's not much, but it's there. I think to OP would do best to stick to halal restaurants. Otherwise, there's really no guarantee that the food contains zero alcohol.

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        it is not for religious reasons, if the food itself contains alcohol in the preparation that is not a big deal. I am looking for a place to take a friend who is a recovering alcoholic and I just don't want to take them anywhere where people are drinking alcohol. I remember there was a good Latin American place on Beaubien also that did not serve alcohol (or did not when I last went)

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          You're probably thinking about Julieta, but they since got their license.

    2. If you're open to vegetarian place, Aux Vivres doesn't have any alcohol.

      A lot of little caf├ęs don't have alcohol too, but it's hard to remember which exactly...

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        Poissonerie Rayan on Cote des Neiges is fun, busy, has great seafood and there is no alcohol.