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Sep 17, 2012 02:33 PM

Good Thai Restaurants in Bangkok

Hello to All !

Going to BKK for three days late October. Looking for good Thai restaurants. I'm planning to visit the usual suspects (high end, hotel located) as well as traditional eateries such as food stalls and typical rest. Last time I went there we went to Baan Khanitha and Lemongrass. Both were good but I'm sure there are better now.

Looking forward to the feedback !


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  1. You might like Baan Phuengchom. It's located a short walk from the Ari BTS stop.


    Afterwards, head back to Ari, cross over to La Villa, and enjoy Honey toast at After You.

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    1. re: Curt the Soi Hound

      Thanks Curt the Soi Hound !

      Any experience with Baan Prachachuen, Chote Chitr or Krua Aporn?



      1. re: domenexx

        Krua Apsorn is about my favorite. It's curry crab is one of the best. We always hit the Samsen Road branch. The Dinsor Road branch is probably more accessible.


        Haven't tried Baan Prachachuen. Surprisingly, it's right down the road from me. I'll have to give it a try.

        Chote Chitr is the classic, over-hyped eatery that has made its fame in the western press. The food is nothing special, the service terrible, and the shop is filthy.

        When we broke down and tried it, the owner's dogs were using the front sidewalk / dining area as a toilet. Not to worry; the waitress finally cleaned up the dropping and then continued waiting tables.

        My guess is that the "appeal" comes from those who are so impressed that they sat down in such a dive, ate and survived! Then, back to the hotel eateries!

        1. re: Curt the Soi Hound

          After reading a review of Baan Prachachuen, it appears to use a lot of stink-fish, a condiment for which I haven't developed a liking; I only eat fresh seafood, not fermented. I even order my somtam sans the dried shrimp.

          We may still head by and see if they offer anything edible.

      2. Some high-end options for your consideration:
        1. Blue Elephant
        2. Mahanaga
        3. Nahm
        4. Patara
        5. Ruen Urai
        6. Soul Food Mahanakorn
        7. Taling Pling

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        1. re: klyeoh

          Thanks Klyeoh ! Your recommendations are always useful.



          1. re: klyeoh

            Been to two on this list. Nahm and Soul Food Mahanakorn. I would rate Nahm as superior in the area of food. Had one really good dish at Soul Food (Smoked duck (mix of smoked and non-smoked duck) Larb - and a bunch of more average dishes. I did go to Baan Khanitha on Sukhumvit Soi 23 - but was not overly impressed. I would second Curt's recommendation on Krua Aporn, went to the one on Samsen at Curt's recommendation and was not disappointed, in fact quite impressed with the food. It has been a while since I have gone to a restaurant other than for Birthday celebrations at Tawandang German Brewery, most of the time I just order from one of several made to order food stalls (one specializing in Isaan food, and one other more central Thai food).

              1. re: domenexx

                Ok this mt tentative list for my Bangkok visit:

                1) Methavalai Sorndaeng
                2) Krup Asorn
                3) Lan Som Tam
                3) Bo.Lan
                4) Saguan Sri
                5) Smooth Curry

                Any feedback welcomed and appreciated !

                Thanks to all for the suggestions,


                1. re: domenexx

                  Sister just finished up a 5 day visit here for medical checkups (currently posted in a country nearby with rather poor healthcare services) so went out a little more than normal, but luckily she was not here with an expense account so stayed with a few known entities -- and street food vendors. The restaurants we went to this time included:
                  - Krua Apsorn at Samsen - last time she was here we went there on Curt's recommendation and she was very impressed with it and wanted to make a return trip. Ordered the crab curry as before, kingfish (was thinking we did not order it last time but realized it was the mussels when saw them going to the table next to them - out last time..... dam they looked delicious), can't remember the 3rd dish, and pad thai (my sister had a craving even though it probably did not fit into the balance). As before the food did not disappoint..... The pad thai was even very good - was expecting that maybe not since i thought they might just have it on the menu but rarely ordered - but it was one of the better pad thais that I have had (lots of average).
                  - Som Tam Nua at Siam Square - is a good place to get Issan food in a restaurant environment. The place is always very busy, it has a lot of seating but there is usually a waiting list. There are two entrances - front looks like the back. The front has a bench which usually has a bunch of people waiting. You would be handed a menu and order what food (drinks are ordered inside) you want to eat before going in...... they don't start preparing it.... I think they are just making sure you don't occupy a table for 5 minutes before ordering. Ordered: Som Tam Thai (medium spicy), Som Tam Poo Balan/Isan style (very spicy), Larb Mu (chopped pork salad), Pork soup (only soup on the menu - I like it), Khao Nyow (sticky rice).
                  - Laem Cha-Reon Seafood near Hwai Kwang (have ones in shopping centres but not as good) - can't remember the dishes but always good (one of the first ones we went to).
                  - Baan Klang Nam (seafood) - This restaurant is on the river (Rama III soi 14) and always like making a trip there. Also having trouble remembering the what was ordered. I know we ordered a vegetable dip dish while waiting for a friend that was running late. The vegetable dish (Nam Phrik .... I have a recipe for a few (one being Nam Phrik Oang) which consists of blanched vegatables with a thai style dipping sauce - I don't see it on the menu as often - more common when going over to someones place). They were out of fresh oysters with thai condiments (one of my favourites). Ordered stir fried scallop with vegetables, salted/steamed fish with dipping sauce, stir fried squid with chilies / lime etc.
                  - Only restaurant that I have been to on your list is Bo Lan and I posted about it before - I was really upset about one southern thai dish that I was familiar with before going there.
                  The rest of the time we were just ordering food at made to order street food vendors (stir frys, noodles and isan food) which I am more than happy doing.

          2. I am Asian and a frequent visitor to Bangkok and here are some of my favourite Thai restaurants:

            1. Blue Elephant, 233 South Sathorn Rd, Bangkok. This is a Bangkok institution complete with culinary school if you are keen to learn to cook some popular Thai dishes. The food is innovative, interesting and delicious.

            2. Taling Pling, 60 Pun Rd, Silom. They have included in their menu some hard-to-find Thai dishes.

            3. Basil, 1F, Sheraton Grande Sukhumviit.

            4. Once Upon A Time, 32 soi Petchaburi 17. Visit the upstair rooms of the qauint old house.

            5. Spice Market, Four Seasons Hotel, 155 Soi Rajdamri

            6. Ban Chiang, 14 Soi Sri Vieng, Silom

            7. Tongue Thai, 18-20 Soi 38, Th Charoen Krung

            8. Ruen Mallika Royal Thai Cuisine, 189 Sukumvit Soi 22

            9. Thanying, 10 Thanon Pramuan off Silom Road

            10l Baan Khanitha & Gallery, 69 Th Sathon Tai

            11. Salathip, 89 Soi Wat Suan Plu, New Road

            12. Lai Thong, Imperial Queen's Park Hotel, Sukhumvit Soi 22

            13. Je Ngor's Kitchen, 11th floor, Krungthep Prakanpai Y W C, Sathon Tai Rd

            14. Oam Thong Restaurant, 7/4-5 Soi Sukhumvit 33, Sukhumvit Rd

            15. Naj Exquisite Thai Cuisine, 42 Convent Road off Silom

            16. Benjarong, Dusit Thani Hotel, Rama IV Road

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            1. I would strongly second the recommendation of Ruen Urai; I just got back from Bangkok, and enjoyed two great meals there. The restaurant is located in a charming old Thai house, and operated by the Rose Hotel, tucked away a block from bustling Patpong. Great food, great ambience - two of my most enjoyable meals of my week in Bangkok.