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Sep 17, 2012 01:13 PM

Expedition to Egger's for a hot fudge sundae

Made my journey from Manhattan to Egger's, with thanks to those of you who offered information.

Overall, glad I went, but kind of disappointing. First, no one warned me that the ferry only leaves every half-hour. (Fun ride,though! Never did that in all my years here.) It ended up being something close to three hours in transit for 20 minutes of ice cream. Confusion and bad signage for the Staten Island buses at the terminal. However, the bus got me there perfectly, thanks.

Egger's had decor more like a coffee shop than an ice-cream parlor, but the big deal was the noise. And it was almost empty, too. There was mother with a screaming child, and I was daydreaming wistfully, wondering why restaurants don't ask parents to take their noisy children outside. But meanwhile, the staff was having a contentious argument about their schedules, and it carried so that not only could I hear it at my table in next room, but even in the bathroom with the door closed.

Now, about the ice cream. I went for a hot-fudge sundae. I had to ask the waitress three times to get her to clearify the toppping question. Prices fairly inexpensive, but portions small. They use metal dishes that are so cheaply lightweight that they slidearound while you try to get the spoon in. But here's problem: The hot fudge wasn't hot. Having spent all this time in transit, I felt it reasonable to point this out. The waitress didn't care. So I asked for the supposed manager, although he didn't look or act like the manager. For both of them, it was shrugged off, first their claiming the ice cream cooled it down, second - when I suggested they feel the temperature of the sauce not touching the ice cream to prove my point - it was shrugged off saying that it's the same as it always is. They were polite in asking if I wanted something else, but obviously that's what I came for. So I ate it anyway, annoyed. But, as further proof, the ice cream wasn't even melting.

However, as a nice bonus, I went to the bakery nearby, the Cake Chef's Cookie Jar. Now, that seemed great. I was going out that evening, so bought a box as a gift. Lovely patient staff, and at $10/pound, I think it was, a better price than in Manhattan.

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  1. Sorry about your bad experience. What we usually do is just get our sundaes in take-out containers and bring them home. Our experiences were always positive, so maybe things are changing over there. Sorry about the busses too. They're rebuilding one of the ramps and it's confusing even for those of us who live here.

    By the way (if you aren't totally turned off to coming out here) I remembered there's another place called Ralph's. They are known for their flavored ices, but have good ice cream too. More of a 1950-ish takeout joint, and it's only open in the warmer months, I think. Anyway, it goes back decades, and in hot weather, there are lines around the block.

    They distribute their ices all over, but ice cream only at their store on Port Richmond Ave.

    The equally famous Denino's Pizza is just down the block.

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      Thanks yet again, Comestible. I was still glad I went, despite the annoyances. It's just that there's no faster way to tee me off than managerial indifference when I know I'm right. I should start a campaign to get more people to harass them about the cool fudge. By the way, since you live in S.I., in case you can figure out who to complain to, the problem with the bus was that there was a sign saying something like "The bus stop has been relocated" instead of saying something like "The bus stop is temporarily up the ramp to your left." I was running around looking in vain for someone to tell me where to go.

      So tell me about Ralph's. Does it have seating? Does it have sundaes? Is it near a bus?

      Takeout sundaes are problematic with hot fudge, because speedy eating is of the essence. There used to be an ice cream parlor near a movie theater, and I would sometimes get a sundae, timing it very, very carefully, then run like a bat out of hell from the parlor into the movie theater, to ensconce myself to enjoy it before it was all melted.