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Sep 17, 2012 01:12 PM

Marina del Rey versus Fountainhead of New Rochelle for a Wedding?

I am planning my upcoming wedding and was wondering if anyone has recently attended events at Marina del Rey or Fountainhead. If so, what did you think of the food and the events overall? Thanks!

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  1. Been to all of them multiple times that side of the bridge. Have you tried Glen Island Harbor Club? It's a notch above. Actually quite a few notches above. Second to Glen Island would be VIP Country Club if you can get over that cheesy name being engraved onto your invitations :) And then I'd place Fountainhead third. Surf Club next and then Marina right after. I was married at Glen Island in 2001 and people still mention that it was the "best wedding" they'd ever attended. The food was off the charts.

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      The Fountainhead, I believe, is still owned by the same people who operate Glen Island.