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Sep 17, 2012 12:32 PM

Yonge & St. Clair dining options

I am new to the Yonge & St. Clair area and would appreciate any and all dining recommendations. From bakeries to butchers to breakfast, lunch & dinner places to specialty food shops to best sushi, Thai, Italian, Indian etc. Anything within a 10 minute walk.

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  1. I had an excellent meal at Cava last week. Tasty New World take on tapas and paella.

    Xoxocava is great for chocolate and ice cream.

    Bruno's is a good grocery store, with nice quality meats and many items that larger chains don't carry.

    Didier is good for classic French food.

    Holy Chuck if you're into burgers.

    Head west to Spadina Rd for Middle Eastern at Mashu Mashu.

    Head north towards Davisville for La Salumeria for deli, Falasca, 5 Doors N or Zucca for Italian, and Tabule for Middle Eastern. And head south to Summerhill for All the Best, Oliffe, Cafe Doria, Patachou, Petit Thuet and Harvest Wagon.

    1. I'll focus on the Yonge/St. Clair interesction:

      Lunch: Delica (mostly take-out, but a few seats inside) - Great sandwiches, baked goods and soups, all homemade, but a bit on the pricy side.

      Sushi: Daeco (in 40 St. Clair West building)

      Korean lunch/take-out: Airima (in St. Clair Centre, near the entrance to the subway station).

      I personally really dislike Bruno's: my few experiences there led to past-best-before-date food and it smelled stuffy and unpleasant. I'm not buying there anymore.

      Freshii has nice salads.

      +1 for Xoxocava. Great ice cream!

      Panier Rouge is not bad

      The Sprout (on St. Clair West) is good for pho and bun (cash only)

      Welcome to the neighbourhood!

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            +1 for Kiva's. I really like their Tel-Aviv bagels.
            And if you like burgers, Holy Chuck is pretty good, if on the expensive side

            1. re: pâté chinois

              I'm partial to the bagels at Bagel House. My area faves include Cava and Sushi Garden (casual, consistent, affordable and friendly), both in Delisle Court. The dumpling place upstairs is okay, though only okay. It is nice to have something in the area though. Avoid the Fox & Fiddle for food, though the patios are fine for a pint or two.

              1. re: 1sweetpea

                For pub food within a 15 minute walk of Yonge & St. Clair, the Monk's Table is decent.

                Has anyone ordered food at the Rebel House lately? I haven't been for a few years. I used to like their salads.

                1. re: prima

                  I moved into the neighbourhood about a year ago and go to the Rebel House about once a month or so (mostly due to a lack of options in the area). Although I love their amazing beer selection and patio during the summertime, I find their service really hit or miss (and lately, it's been more misses). One recent example, my girlfriend and I went in on a weekday around 7:00 or so, there was an open table and so we were seated right away. We each were on our second beer and I noticed it started getting a bit busier. The waiter comes around, asks us if we're ordering food, I tell him no and he tells us we have to move and sit at the bar and just leaves. He didn't say please or thank you just straight up tells us we can't sit there anymore. I find there are far too many instances like that for me to really recommend Rebel House to others. If only the beer selection there wasn't so amazing..

      1. I would check out Nove Trattoria. Has a very casual, family-style restaurant feel to it and the food is top notch. You won't regret it.

        1. Absolute, on the south side of St. Clair near Deer Park Cresc. is very good. I had dinner there a few months ago, and lunch there today. The service is professional, friendly, and unobtrusive. The food was excellent both times. Today I had sweet corn soup to start ($4 or $7, sm/lg) which was a light smooth puree with thai curry, basil, and a dollop of wild crab meat. Lovely light foccacia on the side with a rosette of (room temperature!) butter. The special was wild crab and tiger shrimp crabcakes on a fresh croissant with a green salad w vinaigrette. Usually $13, it was $11 on special. Lightly seasoned, a gentle touch with the mayo on the croissant, and a perfect vinaigrette. A glass of Kim Crawford Sauv.Bl. was $10. I've not had their desserts, but they have a large display case with some tempting sweets. The only drawback is that the lighting is quite harsh at night, especially for al fresco summer dining, when their outdoor seating is under the glare of orange sodium-vapour lamps. I hope this place succeeds -- the neighbourhood has more than enough chain restos with plasticized menus.

          A little futher afield (but still a 10 minute walk), Bistro 561 is also highly recommended. It's in the ground floor of the apt. bldg at 561 Avenue Rd., just north of St. Clair. Seats about 30, eclectic international menu, and very good food. We've been there three or four times and will go again. Service is very professional and usually very prompt, although we did experience some slowness on our last visit (only). Decent wine list, and not indecently marked up. Delish butter chicken.

          Brownes Bistro on Woodlawn at Yonge is very traditional and very reliable also; be sure to try the house-made lamb sausages.