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Sep 17, 2012 12:14 PM

asheville questions

i've searched through other threads and haven't found what i am looking for. I will be at a conference for work next weekend and will be staying at the Renaissance downtown.

I am looking for casual but good restaurants with good local beer...ideally brewpubs but they don't have to be that are in walking (or short cab ride) distance. I've always enjoyed Barleys but would like to try something different. I am trying to introduce a co-worker to "good beer" and already plan on taking him to the Thirsty Monk.

Also on Saturday afternoon i need to watch the UGA game and need a pseudo sports bar with decent food to watch the game. I know there are a couple of chain sports bars in town and would like to avoid those for a local alternative.

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  1. Go Dawgs! You'll find all decent restaurants in Asheville offer lots of local beer. I love the food at Zambra, and they have several local beers. Ditto for The Southern. Jack of the Wood is a brewpub, never eaten there, but the beer is good. For game watching, the Bier Garten is the only real sports bar in downtown. I wouldn't recommend the food, though. You might be able to watch the game at Pack's Tavern, if you get there a little early, stake out a seat at the bar and are friendly to the bartender. I think there is a tv(s) at the bar of Lexingotn Avenue Brewery.

    FYI, game time is 7:45...you might want to eat somehere a little early, then watch the game somewhere else.

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      cool. and this is for the 3:30 game next week against Tenn.
      think we will try either Bier Garten or Packs. thank you.

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        Bier Garten is definitely the spot for football watching, lots of screens. decent beer selection. you need to eat somewhere else afterward. Zambra is steps away.

        Casual but good restaurants within walking distance of Ren: Zambra, Salsa, Storm Rhum Bar (longer walk...but not far from Barleys), Curate(not fancy but rather pricey), Rosetta's Kitchen (if you like funky vegetarian), laughing seed for more normal veg, Chorizo. Awesome local beer selection and nice patio at Mellow Mushroom, but I' don't like that pizza.

    2. You can't go wrong with Jack of the wood. Great beer and way above average (good actually) bar food.

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        no doubt. i love JOTW, i've never tried the food there

        and besides JOTW, LAB and the Thirst Monk any other brewpubs/beer bars worth checking out.

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          Go Dawgs! Wedge is my favorite brewery but you'd have to (short) cab it to the River Arts District. No TV's and not much inside seating but it's a great place to sit outside. If you find yourself there be sure to hit up White Duck Taco too.

          Asheville Brewing on Coxe is decent too - that's walkable and they have a covered patio.

          I would pick Pack's over BG for food. I actually really enjoyed some bar food there the other day (first visit).

          1. re: miss piggy

            hmmm i've never spent any time over at the River Arts District, i may have to spend some time down there. thanks for the suggestions.

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              Hey piggy - I finally made it to the Wedge last weekend. I'd had their beer a bunch but it was my first parking lot adventure. Highly recommended if you want to stand around and pretend you're a hipster for awhile ;-) Might even catch a food truck. That Iron Rail IPA hit me so hard I looked up the alcohol content the next day. It's not a high gravity, but it drinks like one ;-) Our OP will need that cab.

              IMO Junction is the better food in the RAD, but White Duck is a fun time too and cheap. At WD get the bankok (sp?) shrimp and and the Junction, get the sweet tea brined fried chicken and the habenero margarita.

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                Oh DEAR. the chicken-margarita combo sound excellent. Holla when you go again. Maybe I can meet you.

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                  Totally agree...I love The Junction! The atmosphere, cocktails and food are great. One of my top 5 in Asheville!

                  1. re: miss piggy

                    I'm not normally a cocktail person, but oooooh, Junction cocktails! Holy MOLEY!

          2. i wanted to thank everyone for their great suggestions. we had many great dining experiences. For bfast we went to Tupelo Honey; Over Easy Cafe and Sunny Point. All three were great, the juevos rancheros at Over Easy Cafe were my favorite.

            We didn't have much time for lunch but did hit Roman's one afternoon and it hit the spot. For dinner we did Tupelo Honey (my wife had to go back); the Junction and Limones. All three were great but the Junction was the standout.

            the Bier Garden was fine for sport viewing but the appetizers were just standard bar food.