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Sep 17, 2012 12:05 PM

Via Vanti, Mt Kisco

Anyone been here for lunch? Looks very pricey-- it it worth it? How's the ambience? Any outdoor seating?

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  1. Yes - they have a pretty varied menu. Not too pricey for what you get. A lot of low-carb options like the breadless panini and interesting salads & apps, along with pizza and main dishes. My favorite thing on their menu is the eggplant mushroom strata - delicious. Ambience is vibrant & fun with good service. The tables are a bit small though, so it may not be as good for big groups. They do have outdoor seating in the back - if you like to watch the trains go by, you're all set! My family and I really enjoyed our last visit.

    1. I've been for lunch and dinner and always enjoyed it. Check the website for prices but I don't remember it being to bad. If the owner/owners are there they will give you some insight as to style of the building and how it ties into their Venetian theme. They are very gracious hosts. Don't miss the gelato.

      1. Had a great meal here yesterday. This place seems to be overlooked on CH, it's a uniquely good Ital- American, with a lot of creative dishes not seen in most of the other million IAs in the area.

        I agree with Swanky, the eggplant mushroom dish was fabulous, we had one of those. We started by sharing a small plate among us, smoked shrimp, fennel, avocado and red onion all arranged artistically in a lovely light vinaigrette. Great start. The chef also accommodated us by making the Pesto pasta WITHOUT cream. Apparently the place has succumbed to the American idea of adding cream to Pesto (UGH!) but they made it for us without.

        The rosemary chicken was also unique and very tasty. Gelato for dessert was nice, lots of flavor choices. Coffee was excellent. Atmosphere is a renovated RR station, very nice and quirky. They said it was supposed to be "Venetian", but I would characterize it as eclectic Italian. Tables are close but it works anyway, no feeling of tightness.

        Highly recommended, anybody else been to this well kept secret very good restaurant?

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          I've never been there. What was unique about the rosemary chicken?

          1. re: wincountrygirl

            The herbs, the sauce, the preparation even-- the meat had a subtle smoky flavor. Even the potatoes and the plate arrangement were different. The eggplant mentioned above I suppose is even more unique.

            Check their menu, this is not a "Rosies" or an "Eduardo's"


            1. re: lemarais

              Glad you enjoyed it. I love their plate arrangements. They also have a terrific grilled vegetable platter. But yes, I succumb to the eggplant strata every time. :)