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Fancy-ish dinner near UH Manoa on the 24th?


I've got a job interview at UH Manoa next week and I'd like to either celebrate or drown my sorrows with a nice dinner that evening. I was thinking of Chef Mavro, but it looks like they'll be closed that day. What alternatives would you suggest. I'm open to various cuisines, but I'd like to try modern upscale Hawaiian in case I don't get the job and don't get another chance as I would with other cuisines.


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  1. Alan Wong is just down the Block from Mavro, so if you really want to splurge that would be an option. headed the other way, into Kaimuki you have a choice of 3660, Town, and 12th Avenue Grill. Cafe Miro is also a possibility, although not much commented on in chowhound for some reason (3 course pix fixe $43, 4 course $54) And Waikiki is only 2+ miles from the University (check the thread for Thanksgiving on Oahu for a short list). Going a little further is Hoku's at the Kahala, about 3 miles.

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      Thanks! Alan Wong looks great but I don't trust menus without prices. Nothing else you mentioned is walking distance from where they're putting me up and if I'm taking a cab the whole city opens up to me. So many places to choose from...

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        where are they putting you up? how far do you want to walk (i.e., macro/alan wong are 1.2 miles, 3660 and the other Kaimuki restaurants are about 1.7 miles. Past threads have shown a great variation in the amount of walking people are willing to do. One advantage of the Kaimuki selections is it its mostly a downhill walk back to UH, mostly uphill from Alan Wong's.

        There is good bus service from UH as well.

        Alan Wong is expensive, but only slightly more than Mavro, if at all. Both of them are in the $120 - $150 for a prix fixe meal including the wine pairings.

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          Oops, I started at the top of the thread, and just got to 3660. My bad.


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            I forgot to account for the time difference and neglected to check back in before all the replies started. Sorry and thanks for the help. The housing they've got me in is on the west side of campus so the Kaimuki choice look walkable after all. I think I'm going to go with 3660.

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              it's a pretty nice walk along dole, then a short steep block down to waialae, then a nice slow series of climbs to 3660 Top of the Hill. Upper Waialae is an interesting collection of shops, businesses and of course restaurants. Are you sure the housing isn't on the east (diamond head) side of campus?

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                Yeah I meant east, not west. Unfortunately, 3660 is closed on Mondays too. I might just start walking and take my chances with anybody with their lights on as I pass.

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                  Well, I was going to second the rec of Cafe Miro but realized they're not open on Monday either.

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                    wow, getting ridiculous.

                    Town IS open on Mondays, they are dark on Sunday. 12th Avenue Grill is open Monday as well. (I checked both)

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                      OK, Town it is. The sample menu isn't as interestingly fusion-y as some of the other places, but it does look appealing and a bit cheaper without the temptation of a wine pairing. Thanks!

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                        It is fun to sit at the bar there or they do have nice single tables. You will enjoy the food, the ingredients speak for themselves. They have a nice wine list and some interesting cocktails as well.

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              For "ultimates," AW's, La Mer, Chef Mavro's (have not checked open dates, but seems that you have and they are not open), 3660 on the Rise.

              I do not think that one could go very wrong from that group. Now, they are NOT the only options, and are at the higher-end of things, but all have been wonderful for us.

              Enjoy, good luck, and aloha,


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                We've always spent a bit less at Alan Wong than Chef Mavro. I think the 5 course tasting is $75 and there's a bigger tasting menu for $95 at AW.

            3. Sort of "up the hill," though down from UH Manoa, 3660 On the Rise would be an option too.

              Now, I am a fan of all three: 3660, AW's and Chef Mavro's. Just wanted to give you an option.

              Here's to it being a celebration! [Toasting with a glass of Biale '06 Party Line Zin.]


              1. If you like Japanese, Imanas Tei is right down University in Pucks Alley. Excellent food. There's a really fun Izakaya right next door that we enjoyed on our last trip when Imanas was closed for holiday.

                Of all the suggestions, Alan Wong's would be my choice. You can always order a la carte and keep an entree in the $25-35 range (more if you're ordering wagu).