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Sep 17, 2012 11:08 AM

7 Days Easter Island, 1 Day Santiago

Hi, the last post on Chowhound for Easter Island is from 2007 so I wanted to open it up again. Any good places to eat? Dinner? Coffee? Light bite? A fisher man making ceviche on the dock? I know the expensive and underwhelming “French” place is still there as is the empanada stand. Anything else? I won’t have a kitchen but I will have a fridge and breakfast will be provided where I’m staying. Any tips on things to bring with me? I already have some Clif Bars and trail mix type things purchased.

I’ll also have about 10 hours in Santiago to kill and would like to see the market, any good recommendations around there to eat? Or a place that is so good, I should head straight to it?

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  1. Where did you end up?