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Sep 17, 2012 10:25 AM

Nice dinner with great beer list

Hi, my family is taking me out to a nice dinner to celebrate some recent achievements/milestones in my life. I am looking for suggestions on a restaurant that will have great food, and also a great beer list. Here's the catch: my family is not so adventurous when it comes to food. Oysters, cheese, and probably asian food are all off the menu. I would like access to world class bottles of beer, without alienating my familly. Graham Eliot and The Publican come to mind as places that won't work for them. Any suggestions?


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  1. The first place that comes to my mind would be Hopleaf -- but I don't know if it would be "nice" enough for your celebration. Even though they greatly increased their capacity and wait times aren't nearly as bad as they once were, they still don't accept reservations. And the overall vibe remains very casual (and they're strictly 21+ -- in case you had some younger family members joining you). But they probably have the best bottle list in the city, not to mention a taplist as well put together as anywhere else in the city.

    Maybe The Bristol? The menu may be a little far on the adventurous side of things, though. Or Owen & Engine? While the food is very much refined English comfort food, the setting is really nice and can elevate a meal -- and the food itself is very well executed.

    The other route is to find a BYO restaurant (that's still nice enough for your occasion) and/or inquire about corkage fees.

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      BYO is a great idea, I might look into that. I love Hopleaf but that's too "beer-centric" for the in-laws who don't drink beer at all. Owen and Engine is a good idea as well, maybe I should look at Longman and Eagle also.

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        I dig L&E a lot and I think it's a great place to go for a lot of reasons. However, I wouldn't necessarily include their beer list among those reasons. They have good stuff on tap and a decent selection of bottles but, on both accounts, I don't think they're that remarkable compared to what you can find at other spots in the city. And they're another place that won't accept reservations -- which may or may not work for you and your family for this specific occasion.