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Sep 17, 2012 09:01 AM

Weekend eats (Sep 14-16)

Where did everyone eat this weekend?

On Friday I finally checked out Pronto on Cambie. Not sure why it took me so long as it's close to home. We shared some of the daily specials - seared chicken w/mushroom risotto and gnocchi w/duck. Gnochhi was excellent. The chicken dish was OK - the risotto was not the right texture. Flavour was very good in the risotto but it was more of a regular rice dish than a risotto per se.

Saturday lunch was at Rocky Mountain Pizza on Main. It was my daughter's 4th bday so it was her pick! We did have some great pizza however. The daily special was a Farmers Market - lots of fresh veggies and cooked perfectly. My daughter went with the "plain cheese" which was also very tasty. Also shared an excellent green salad. If you have young kids, this place is awesome.

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  1. I guess it was just you and me out there this weekend Waylman....

    Not terribly interesting, but had a couple of appetizers at Rogue Wet Bar on Broadway...looks like Cactus Club has some competition, but judging from what I had, they shouldn't be worried. We had something called Sushi Bombs....balls of rice topped with chopped tuna with a little pipette of soy stuck in the're supposed to squirt the soy in before you eat it. Kind of gimmicky but only ok in terms of taste.

    Also had the calamari....they were ok as well - a bit over-salted in places and very weirdly tender....too tender in fact - calamari should definitely have some chewiness. Great beer list and lots of interesting cocktails, including a cilantro-infused caesar that comes with celery and a spicy pepperoni stick..yum!

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      Hey QC, do you (or any CH-ers) know who's behind ROGUE ? (sorry I felt like putting caps on that since their sign is humongous and great for persons with visual impairments .......). I must have walked/driven by them a million times now, I figure that's no small potatoes renovations and the owner must be well bankrolled.

      1. re: LotusRapper

        I rhink it is the Steamworks guy behind Rogue. Can't remember his name offhand.

        1. re: LotusRapper

          The guy who owns Steamworks is behind it

          1. re: vandan

            Dup's in Whistler is a miss-I knew that but was hungry beyond belief so my judgement was impaired.

        2. re: Quattrociocchi

          I remember when Rogue opened, I was briefly excited that the Rogue brewery was opening one of their awesome pubs here...then immediately brought back to earth when I found out that the name was a coincidence. I guess Rogue doesn't have any desire to protect trademarks north of the border...

          Still haven't been, but judging from everything I've heard I am not in a huge hurry to check it out.

          1. re: jerkstore

            Funny was in Portland recently and went to 2 Rogue pubs (PSU and Pearl district ) and was not blown away at all by the beers or the pubs

            1. re: vandan

              Ah, well, to each their own I suppose. It's been a couple of years since I've been down that way but I remember enjoying a number of the beers thoroughly. That said...the food...not so much.

              1. re: jerkstore

                Ya , really thought i would love the beers as they are really hyped but after trying a bunch of them realized they just weren't my thing

        3. We went for dim sum at Grand Dynasty at the Grand Villa Casino for lunch Friday, food was actually quite good but expensive for dim sum (Kirin-ish prices).

          Otherwise just ate in this weekend, back from a gluttonous vacation out on the east coast so taking a short break from restaurant food...

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          1. re: jerkstore

            'Cept when that restaurant food is heaping bowls of hot congee .... or pho ...... SE Asia's best comfort foods and glutton medicine :-)

            1. re: LotusRapper

              Hah, well, we have certainly been eating homemade congee...cheaper that way too.

          2. Had a nice dinner at Chez Meme Baguette Bistro Friday night. Friends and I shared their Bleue Tartine, an open face sandwich with pear, walnuts & blue cheese. It's very similar to Finch's famous prosciutto minus the prosciutto but just as tasty. I had the Lamb Parmentier, the lamb was tender but it was a little salty for me but my friend who had the same thought it was seasoned just right. Finished off the meal by splitting a lemon cheesecake and a chocolate marquise. I really enjoyed the marquise.

            On Sat., a friend and I went to Campagnolo Roma. I really like their Julius Caesar, a caesar made with gin and what makes it special is peppadew juice and was craving one. Split a diavola pizza (spicy salami, tomato sauce, aged provolone), spaghetti carbonara and the tiramisu. Every was prepared well and tasty. Great Meal to catch up with my friend.

            1. We did a Gastown crawl for my nephew's birthday on Sunday. Started at The Alibi for a couple of beers and had their $16 charcuterie plate. Just ok for $16 but everything was tasty. The burger/fries going by looked very appealing!

              Next to Sardine Can where we grabbed seats at the bar and drank sherry and sampled Chorizo, Calmari with Chickpeas and Olives, Braised Lamb's Cheeks and little grilled ham and cheese sandwiches with fig jam. All pretty good with the lamb being a tad under seasoned and hunks of bread would have been greatly appreciated.

              After that it was off to Fat Dragon for a couple of house cocktails, Chicken Wings, Pork Belly (fantastic!), Green Papaya and Cabbage Salad (fabulous palate refresher) and the only miss was the noodles with drippings that were dry and uninspiring.
              Dessert was soft serve chocolate malted ice cream and a really nice coconut dessert with fresh nectarines.

              Thought that was it but couldn't resist hitting The Diamond for nightcaps and in the interest of keeping the base up had to try their version of Navajo style fry bread a la Bin 942. Very good!

              1. Respectable eggs benny at 9th Avenue Grill on Broadway near Burrard -- first time I'vebeen in despite its proximity to my usual haunts.

                Chicken and brie sando and choc chip liege waffle at Patisserie Lebeau both v. fine -- chicken was even better than I remember, lotsa garlic, big juicy chunks. Disappointing take-home florentine, sadly. Not crispy, kinda flavourless and addition of waffle-disk-thingy didn't add any value.

                Revisited Adelitas on Victoria on Friday night. Chorizo tacos and chicken tamales were outstanding again, and you can get the latter frozen to go which we did (lunch the next day was a happy thing). Love the salsa verde here. Menu needs your full attention as some items are not winners eg the pollo a la crema, too bland and cheesy with odd boiled spud and carrot side. Salad also had a strange taste. Agua de jamaica is outstanding here, intense and not too sweet, obviously made with the real thing, not from a powder.

                Saturday dinner was our first Cantonese wedding banquet. Surprisingly good esp given they were serving 150 people at once. The house special brined chicken with crispy skin was very good and it didn't hurt that we got the leftovers to take home :-).