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Sep 17, 2012 07:56 AM

private room?

Looking for a place to have an 80th birthday celebration for fewer than 20 people,

Most likely a weekend in December.

Too small a group for a hall rental or to take over a restaurant for an evening.

Any suggestions appreciated.

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  1. Whereabouts? Budget? Food preferences? (How many fewer than 20 people?)

    Is this a different 80th birthday party from this one you posted about back in March, or are you resuming planning for the same event?

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    1. re: Allstonian

      Different party, last one was for my mom, this one for an aunt in law. (impressed you made the connection!)

      Most of the group that are local (some coming from out of town) are Boston, Newton or Needham

      Really hadn't thought of budget or menu. One idea floated had been to try to cram the crowd into our home with Bakers Best catering if that gives you any ideas. Group has been pretty open to types of food in the past. Indian, barbecue, Italian have all been options for past gatherings.

      Thanks for your thoughts.

    2. Brasserie Jo has a great space for this exact size.

      1. Mamma Maria has private rooms, valet parking for the old folks, too. Also consider Locke Ober.