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Sep 7, 2012 12:12 AM

Geographic Lines [split from California]

Can someone explain why the geographic lines on chowhound are so strict? I am a geographer by education and it seems to stifle the dynamic nature of this site, which by the way, I really like. This thread was bounced from SF and now I am supposed to follow it back again?

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  1. It wasn't bounced but rather separated to reflect the "geographic boundaries" set up to better serve those requesting information by targeting those most knowledgeable, in this case from the 9 counties bordering the SF Bay and from residents and frequent visitors to the central coast. Added benefits are that the locals are usually the ones to first become aware of changes, closures etc, plus allowing others that access the threads in the future to focus in and fine tune their plans. For example someone wanting to plan a bike ride say from Monterey to Santa Barbara would miss this info if it remained solely on the SF board.

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      Chowhound was good enough to create a separate San Diego group a while back when SD posts tended to dominate most of the general California questions that made it hard to weed out the posts for these more remote California areas.

      Actually, as strict as the boundaries are (my complaint is putting Ventura County with Los Angeles rather than California general) it has helped create this highly unique general California forum without the life getting sucked out of it by the Biggies in SF and LA.

      Overall, this California forum has been a fascinating dining discovery resource getting many of us off to the more hidden corners of this state and a total delight. Who would have guessed without reading this forum that stopping at the Madonna Inn outside San Luis Obispo was a worthy chowhound experience after all.