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Sep 17, 2012 07:01 AM

Polish sections of town - need some help

Will be in NYC mid October but would like to tour some of the Polish sections of Brooklyn, Bronx and or Queens but not sure where they are, looking for some good food, thanks for any help.

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    1. Come visit Greenpoint. There are tons of good restaurants along Manhattan Avenue and side streets (Krolewski Jadlo; Lomzynianka; Karczma on Greenpoint Ave). You can buy kielbasa and golabki at Kiszka (or one of the other nearby places) and cheese babka bread at Rzeszowska at the corner of India St. and Manhattan Ave. Even the Key Foods on McGuinness has good Polish food and beer. Further down McGuinness towards the Pulaski bridge is a Polish supermarket (whose name I cannot recall) that has a lot of prepared foods.

      Some other Polish areas exist, but many have largely faded away. Part of the South Slope/Sunset Park used to be Polish many years ago, but the only traces now are long-closed bars with Polish signage...and the still-vibrant Eagle Provisions, which has an awesome beer selection.

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        Down the block from eagle provisions is Jubilat Provisions, much smaller, no beer but overflowing with home-made home-smoked sausages of every size and composition. The guys could be nicer but the price is so low i have very modest service expectations.

      2. Also, I know many Polish families have moved from Greenpoint to Queens--Jackson Heights or thereabouts--in recent years. I don't know if any stores or restaurants have sprung up to support them (I just know they're buying apartments there, probably because Greenpoint has been getting so pricey), but if you hear of any, let us know.

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          Thanks so much, can't wait for the trip and will definately get to Greenpoint.

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            If you're here on Sunday Oct.7, there is a big Pulaski Day parade in Manhattan and young drunken Polish thugs are driving around Greenpoint screaming wrapped in white and red flags all day long afterward. :) I imagine it's the closest experience you can have to attending a soccer game in Warsaw.

          1. I've seen this place featured on a local TV show and it looks pretty good, but I don't get to Greenpoint, Brooklyn much. Prices are good too.