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Sep 17, 2012 06:18 AM

Ethnic in Savannah?

We have recently moved to Savannah and are already craving some delicious ethnic meals but don't know where to go.

What are your favorite places for ethnic food? We tend to look for quality of food rather than decor. A lunch buffet is always nice to sample a new restaurant but certainly don't require that.


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  1. Would love to hear what you have found so far. We have just moved to Savannah from NY and are anxious to find good ethnic food, too. There seem to be a fair number of Vietnamese and Japanese restaurants; any recommendations so far?

    1. Had dinner at Sushi Zen on Eisenhower, and it was a positive experience. Located in an L-shaped strip mall, the smallish restaurant has both floor and table seating. I was heartened to see Japanese diners.

      We wanted to test the traditional preparations as well as sample some of the unusual offerings. So, we started with ankimo sushi, a special and an a-typical offering for the ordinary Japanese restaurant. Ankimo is steamed monkfish liver, often called the foie gras of the sea. It was fresh and served respectfully in a thin ponzu sauce with chopped fresh leeks and a bit of grated daikon. Chili powder was offered on the side. Delicious.

      One of the "tells" in Japanese cuisine is how well basics are prepared. So, we tried the buckwheat soba, served cold. The noodles were of excellent quality and were cooked properly.

      We also tried a variety of rolls and sushi -- all were expertly prepared with the freshest of ingredients.

      The house sake was adequate but not phenomenal -- not suprising at all.

      The service was friendly, helpful, and attentive. We will return to sample many more items on the extensive menu.

      1. Asian River for real Chinese. Kim Chi II for Korean. Comarco out on Ogeechee Road for Mexican (and a surprisingly good lunch buffet for Mexican). Oliva is new and taking a stab at Spanish.