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What happened to Burger King's chicken sandwich?

I've long loved the original chicken sandwich from BK, but every time I get one lately, it's just nasty. The patty is so dry that it ends up as a hollow tube -- like a gaping chicken patty cave in between two buns. Are they just microwaving these and throwing them out there? Have the new 'fancy' chicken sandwiches far eclipsed the original in popularity, and they've given up on 'em?

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  1. I think they just gave up, seems to me they used to take more care with all their products than they do now.

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      You are right on the money, too many people in high places with the company that knew nothing about food, over the last 10 or so years it's really come back to bite them in the rear.

    2. I love the original also, but like you when i get it, half the time the patty is oddly limp but dried out, the lettuce completely wilted almost ready to brown, and the mayonnaise has melted into the dried out bun.

      So I just order a "grill", i usually ask for extra mayo, although once or twice i asked for extra lettuce, but it was too hard to eat. While they won't make a fresh one just because you ask, if you want it your way, they are happy to comply.

      And while I don't know about other locations, but at BK Hawaii the original chicken sandwich is now the same price as a whopper.

      1. Oh wow, really...gone for good. I guess I didn't notice because I haven't been to BK in nearly 15 years but the chicken sandwich was a childhood favorite.

        1. BK gave up on quality food long ago.
          Too bad...they used to make decent fast food at decent price.

          1. I had the chicken parmesan sandwich and it was just OK, there was very little of the marinara sauce. I ordered the chicken breast that was broiled it had sinew, nasty. The original version with the melting cheese and the generous marinara was better.

            1. I haven't eaten at BK in ages, but the original chicken was always a favorite. Too bad its gone downhill. BK has gone downhill too. At least in my area.

              1. The BK original sandwich has a certain cheap thrill, like a $8 hooker, but the problem is that they're charging Bunny Ranch prices! Look at a cross section of the patty and you won't see any muscle grain. That's some super-processed meat trimming byproduct right there. Served on an industrial bun with probably $.10 worth of lettuce and cheap mayo, and it's somehow one of the most expensive things they have.

                I'm a fan of this sandwich, but I can't figure out why it costs so much anymore

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                  I'm virtually positive they're just nuking those patties from frozen. That would cause it to dry out in parts, be a hollow tube down the center and yet be piping hot. I had one grilled chicken sandwich and it was enough. It was burnt on one side, dried out from the quickie nuke in the microwave, tiny and very salty. The only passable chicken item is the crispy chicken sandwich, but only if it is made fresh. The same holds for the fish sandwich. Anything cooked up fresh to order has potential, but once it has sat around for a while, it degrades. Reheating it at that stage is like the kiss of death.

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                    Agreed -- I'm not sure what they used to do, but the sandwiches up until a couple of years ago were moist throughout, no hollow tube effect. Definitely not made fresh anymore. Maybe some locations still make them rather than nuke the frozen ones... but they're harder to find.

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                    oh yes, indeed -- it is horrible reconstituted "chicken" stuff. what is the technical term? ugh -- i think i've blocked it from my mind -- ah, no..it is "mechanically separated." or at least it SEEMS like it. in any event, it is HORRID.


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                      I think "mechanically assembled" would be more suitable as an expression.

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                        So it's basically the chicken version of the beef-flavored injection molded lunch meat that Arby's peddles? When faced with rising food prices, eateries can either maintain quality at a higher price point, use cheaper ingredients and keep prices low, or use cheap slop AND jack the prices. Seems like theyve gone with Option C. Fortunately, I have several Roy Rogers nearby. Once you've had their Gold Rush Chicken Sandwich, everything else tastes like wax fruit.


                    2. Actually there are only 2 sandwiches that go anywhere near a mic a bk. The veggie is cooked in the mic and the new parms go in for 9 seconds to finish melting the cheese. Thats it. It sounds like you go to a location where the managers/staff dont follow proper food holding practices.

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                        Do you know what would cause the "dry tunnel" effect on the original chicken sandwich? I've seen it at two locations now --- are they patties that have been freezer-burned?

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                          For that im not entirely sure. Sometimes they come out of the fryer with the breading kind of..Puffed out like a bubble....that mixed with sitting too long? Man i managed a bk for far too long...lol

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                            It seems every sandwich at BK goes in the microwave. Where is the grill that actually cooks the burgers? if you go to the customer satisfaction website they seem overly concerned with the "hotness" of the burger. Of course, that means the only way they get that is through the microwave.

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                              There isnt a grill. There us however a broiler that the meat is cooked in. I get it its fast food, expectations.are very low. But everything i have written is fact, i was a manager there for 2 years. Just left the company a few weeks ago.

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                              I guess what I'm asking is, how is the original chicken sandwich usually made? Is it a frozen product that's put in the fryer? Maybe if I know how it's typically made I can figure out what's being done differently to these new lousy sandwiches.

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                                Yes, they are frozen and cooked in a fryer.

                        2. As a quickie update, I tried one at a separate BK location, and while it didn't have the 'tunnel of dryness' effect, it was still overcooked and intensely peppery -- nothing like the tender, juicy Original Chicken Sandwiches of the past. Maybe they're cooking them in bulk and then sticking them under heat lamps all day -- I really don't know.

                          This combined with its escalating price ($4 for a chicken patty sandwich?) tells me I need to move on and find a better chicken sandwich out there, sadly.

                          1. Yeah, I used to really love these things too, but they arent the same any more. I used to really love the chicken cordon bleu sandwich they had way back when, that thing was good :p

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                            1. re: twyst

                              Burger King in general jumped the proverbial shark years go.

                              1. re: The Professor

                                I just tried the BK Chicken Strips. They were appallingly bad. First of all, there was no price listed on the drive-through menu. I ordered 5, assuming that the cost would be similar to their nuggets or chicken sandwiches. The price was more than $8 for 5 dinky strips. They were lukewarm, dry as a bone and basically, garbage. No amount of dipping sauce could revive them. They only positive thing I can mention is that they are made from whole chicken breast and not that paste that is used for nuggets and the chicken sandwich. When I found out the price, I almost cancelled the order, but felt guilty for ordering without asking the price at the drive-thru window. I paid for them and accepted them, hoping they'd at least be a nice size, but there were was definitely more coating than chicken. I may never go to Burger King again after this experience. The price should be clearly posted and there should be more chicken per strip for the price. Total ripoff.

                            2. Tell them to drop fresh meat in the fryer... sounds like they are giving you really old meat.

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                                Agreed! Since I posted this, I've tried the Original Chicken Sandwich at several locations (usually when they've got a 2-for-1 deal going on with them) and found that the busier the place is, the fresher and better the sandwich is. At quiet locations during off hours, they're dry and disgusting, or obviously reheated over and over again.

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                                  ask for something "special" extra lettuce or mayo, light mayo. something that will make them make it fresh.

                                  HAVE IT YOUR WAY

                                2. The chicken sandwich started going downhill they day they stopped serving it in a little box... My absolute favorite sandwich as a kid.

                                  Last time I tried one -- while driving somewhere and in need of a quick meal just off the highway -- the BK seemed to be staffed by meth addicts. Huge mess in the dining area, very bad smell, and the sandwich was disgustingly dry and chewy, covered in sad and wilted lettuce and a slick of gloppy mayo. I threw it out after only a couple of bites and bought a granola bar at a gas station. I plan to hold on to my childhood memories and never return.