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Sep 17, 2012 05:49 AM

What happened to Burger King's chicken sandwich?

I've long loved the original chicken sandwich from BK, but every time I get one lately, it's just nasty. The patty is so dry that it ends up as a hollow tube -- like a gaping chicken patty cave in between two buns. Are they just microwaving these and throwing them out there? Have the new 'fancy' chicken sandwiches far eclipsed the original in popularity, and they've given up on 'em?

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  1. I think they just gave up, seems to me they used to take more care with all their products than they do now.

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      You are right on the money, too many people in high places with the company that knew nothing about food, over the last 10 or so years it's really come back to bite them in the rear.

    2. I love the original also, but like you when i get it, half the time the patty is oddly limp but dried out, the lettuce completely wilted almost ready to brown, and the mayonnaise has melted into the dried out bun.

      So I just order a "grill", i usually ask for extra mayo, although once or twice i asked for extra lettuce, but it was too hard to eat. While they won't make a fresh one just because you ask, if you want it your way, they are happy to comply.

      And while I don't know about other locations, but at BK Hawaii the original chicken sandwich is now the same price as a whopper.

      1. Oh wow, really...gone for good. I guess I didn't notice because I haven't been to BK in nearly 15 years but the chicken sandwich was a childhood favorite.

        1. BK gave up on quality food long ago.
          Too bad...they used to make decent fast food at decent price.

          1. I had the chicken parmesan sandwich and it was just OK, there was very little of the marinara sauce. I ordered the chicken breast that was broiled it had sinew, nasty. The original version with the melting cheese and the generous marinara was better.