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Sep 16, 2012 09:36 PM

Coffee near Century City

I need a good place to have coffee with a friend near Century City. Good coffee and a nice relaxed cafe atmosphere where we can hang out and talk. Any suggestions?

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  1. Some of the suggestions may depend upon what day of the week and what time you are meeting? Someplace like Bread Bar in Century City would work just fine: or if you were planning on eating a little something too I'd throw in places like the WLA John O'Groats near by. If you are looking for really quiet or more upscale then Bouchon or the Peninsula Hotel in Beverly Hills would also be contenders for your meeting.

    1. It may be more functional and less "chow-y", but there is a Coffee Bean in the office building across the street (Avenue of the Stars) from the Century Plaza Hotel. It is quiet and relaxed, and you can sit outside if the weather's nice. This is where I would go, if location and convenience is more important than the venue itself. The other places mentioned may be noisy, crowded, difficult parking, long trek through busy malls, etc.

      1. maybe not helpful, but if you are able to drive 10 minutes to century city, i like Conservatory Tea and Coffee...

        1. Clementine is great for coffee and camaraderie (and chow), particularly during the week and outside of lunch hour.

          1. Clementine at non-peak hours. Bread Bar during peak. Larder is very quite most of the time.