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Sep 16, 2012 09:21 PM

Best Mexican Food In the G.T.A- Richmond Hill. Newmarket. Markham. this area?

I cannot find a great Mexican food restaurant in RH etc.

We do have a new Elgin Mills & Yonge.
The food is huge in portion!
Prices are good.
Quite tasty- but a little too Americanized.

It is a confusing space. Mexican restaurant or Sports bar?
Sports bars are sports bars....if this is a Mexican restaurant- kick the sports down a notch.
The sports bar atmosphere and current music kill the atmosphere- photos could be flashed of the Mexico...and maybe some nice music to coordinate.
Dining with huge sports games on- is not a nice dining experience, nor is the music...too clubby.

The waitresses need to put some clothing on. Hooters it's not. Family and hooters?

Please fix the banquette seating - it needs to be raised- as it is not correct. It is difficult as the tables are too high for most of the population. Just make boxes and raise the seats.

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  1. Is this the Margarita Bar right on the corner?? A buddy is interested in going but think it just screams disappointment.

    Anyway, I hear tons and tons of good stuff about the new Mexican place on Main Street in Newmarket and although it was about 5 years ago thought Lamexicanada in Bradford was fantastic. I heard from one person that it's not quite as good as it used to be but at least a handful more saying it's even better but very difficult to get in now.


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      I think we are talking about Mexican Amigos at Yonge/Elgin Mills. We've been there twice, once during their soft open and again just last week. It probably isn't genuinely Mexican enough for those who have actually been to Mexico and are trying to relive an experience but the food is pretty good. They use flour tortillas. The chicken and chorizo tacos are very tasty, the carnitas and the soups are good too. I didn't enjoy their fish tacos. They have chimichanga on the menu (like a deep fried burrito), so purists have something to complain about, but I gotta say it was really good (deep friend anything is good right?) and my two year old loved it. The owner seems like really nice guy and does try to apologize and correct any service errors (I noticed him offering some free dessert to the table next to ours to make up for a small service error). However, the kitchen is very slow. Tacos and soup should not take over 20 minutes to get to the table. In fact, the soup took 20 minutes and the rest of the meal showed up 2 minutes later. I thought 20 minutes for soup was pretty inexcusable but we couldn't flag down someone to make a complaint even though there were plenty of staff moving around, they just didn't seem to move around close enough to us, plus I was dealing with a restless child which probably made the wait feel even longer. Once the food got there, we were too hungry and focused on feeding our child to make waves. Having said that, I would order tacos to take-out. The pricing is cheaper when you order tacos to go (starts at $2 or $2.50 a taco I believe) so with a dirth of anything resembling good Mexican nearby, this will have to do.

        1. re: designergirl

          La Taquiza on Rutherford near Vaughan Mills in a plaza is a bit of a hidden gem in my opinion. I think they may have a bit more of an authentic taste. We have been 3 or 4 times and each was tasty. Each time, we were outnumbered by spanish speakers. Haven't been in a few months though.

          1. re: DDD

            We went there once and loved it. I forgot all about it.

            I do remember a discussion about quality being a bit of a roller coaster at this place. I've not got the visits behind me to confirm.


            1. re: DDD

              I've never even heard about this place. I'm going to have to check it out.

              1. re: DDD

                Just looked @ the menu. It looks pretty good. My only question is, why is every restaurant closed on Mondays?

                1. re: kwass

                  I think it's because restaurants are often busy fri/sat on sometimes they take mondays off.

                  1. re: DDD

                    I understand that, but it's so frustrating!

          2. If you don't mind driving to Bradford Mexicanada is amazing. Located right on the main street in the old part of town the place is small and the food is awesome. My studio is a few doors down from them and the place can fill up in a flash Wed. thru the weekend. The smells that flow out onto the street get me everytime. I would highly recommend

            1. Mrs. Sippi and I took a trip up to Newmarket and tried Made in Mexico.

              They synopsis is this. It's really good. Not 100% Mexican but actually a nice blend of Mexican from the home town of the owners. Mexican from other parts of the country that are well known. Mexican that is more American/Mexican.

              We started with an appetizer of Queso Fundido. Baked cheese topped with their own home made chorizo. OMFG. It came with 6 beautiful corn tortillas and is pretty much a meal in itself. We both loved it and thought it was the best thing we had.

              Shrimp Tacos. These are tasty, light and very good. 3 to an order, stuffed with shrimp in a tempura like batter. The garnish was weird though. "Mexican slaw." Never heard of it. Didn't like it. Didn't dislike it. Didn't help it that's for sure. I'd have preferred cabbage, cilantro, onion and lime juice. Still in all, very good overall.

              Flautas (with mole) I'm no mole expert but I thought this was really very good. The mole that is. The chicken in side was fine all in all, we both thought these were good. No better. Neither of us are flauta people though. I'd have not even thought about ordering them but a couple we talked to who were just leaving recommended them. So if you love flautas, these may be for you.

              We will definitely be going back.

              A few more things to add.

              It was quite busy. No lineups but the service wasn't quick. I wouldn't call it slow but probably longer than it should've been given our order.

              They're doing so well they're moving across the street (by the end of the year they hope) to a larger space.

              Catucci was there a few weeks ago. So keep your eyes open for this episode to air.


              1. For a rich Mexican food experience one needs to explore appetite satisfying food. There are many Mexican restaurant & Sports bar in Richmond Hill which serve the best of the mexican flavors. One such is 'Mexican Amigos' and I believe that once you dine-in to the place, you will never loose on marking it your favorite Mexican food restaurant.
                See you at Mexican Amigos!