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Sep 16, 2012 08:04 PM

Special restaurant for 50th birthday

My sister and her husband are not foodies, but they do enjoy food. I AM a foodie and for her 50th birthday, i would like to give her a gift certificate to a very special restaurant that they would not otherwise try, but that she would still enjoy. They live in Decatur, so things within a 20 minute drive or so might be preferable. I'm from San Francisco, so I have no idea. I've heard of Baccanalia and Empire State South. Would either of those be best? Or are there other, better options? Thanks for any help!!!

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  1. While it's nearly a year old, I think this thread: will be of use to you.

    I've yet to eat at either Baccanalia or Empire State, but my wife and a few of our friends think highly of both (particularly of Baccanalia).

    (Edit) Re the distance, Baccanalia slightly stretches the 20 min drive limit (Google Maps says 25 mins), but most if not all of the higher-end restaurants mentioned in that thread will be within the distance you mentioned.

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    1. Another very convenient option is The Iberian Pig on the Decatur Square.

      1. if youre looking for a romantic spot id consider ARIA in buckhead--excellent food/service,low ambient noise--reserve a corner table