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Sep 16, 2012 07:49 PM

Big E - 2012

Just hit the Big E today, and from prior posts, seems like a lot of favorites are still there.

Started the morning hitting the state houses before the crowds rolled in.

But first, fresh mini donuts from some place near the big dairy pavilion.. mm


Rhode Island -
* Rhode Island chowder - good bowl, not the best I've ever had..somebody else in my party had a shrimp/corn chowder I think that they liked..
* Stuffie - good, warm, nice flavor
* A friend got the NY System hot dog, which he wolfed down..

The fried food platter seemed expensive at $15.. would have like to try some crab cakes, but didn't want to go too big on the first house..

Maine -
* Lobster roll - $9, a decent roll.. not much mayo, probably worth the money, but not a Red's roll either..
* Salmon on stick - also $9 I think - very very good..
* Potato - one of my friends waited in line, and we shared. A good baked potato, with tons of stuff on top (fake bacon bits).. but hey, its still just a baked potato... wouldn't wait too long in line IMHO.

MA had a good house, with apple themes, syrup, but didn't indulge here.

Vermont was a maple-palooza.. maple cream, maple syrup, etc. Friends got some maple cotton candy which was good.. but just still cotton candy.

I wan't that impressed with NH and CT's houses.. CT was just a bunch of random booths it felt like..

The rest of the visit, food wise:
* Fried Cheese curds - one of the food highlights.. I'd eat these again and again
* Hand-cut fries - big portion, could have been a bit crispier, but we wolfed 'em down.
* Heidi-Jo's beef jerky (in the retail buildings) - good meat sticks, and better than average jerky. I bought some for home.

I avoided the normal italian sausage/gyro/fried dough places as you see those at every festival. I mulled over one taco stand, but looked like tacos here in Boston would be far better. If we had gone into the evening, there was a fried mushroom place that called to me.

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  1. nice write-up I might go tomorrow, loved it last year.

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    1. re: ryanallday

      In this order:
      Buffalo French Fries on the back side of the International Building
      Clam Cakes and Del's Lemonade in RI
      Frankies Hot Dog in CT
      Apple Cider donuts in VT
      Millie's Pierogies (Cabbage)
      Veggie Tempurah
      London Broil Sandwich from Butcher Boys
      Deep Fried Oreos (I did not try these, my friend did and loved the) I am not an oreo fan

      I would give everything a solid B with the exception of the London Broil and Del's Lemonade which deserve an A

      It was a great day!

      1. re: Tinkerbelldee

        Wow! Frankies Hot Dogs is represented in CT?!! Did they have their amazing hot homestyle relish? That's key.

    2. I love the pork chop sandwich when I go. And the puerto rican cart for chicharones. And the cream puffs to go.

      Looks like no one dared to try the deep-fried fried lasagne--GROSS!

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      1. re: cheereeo

        Wow cheereeo, you just brought me back.

        I haven't been to the Big E in many years, but I definitely remember a great pork chop sandwich from "The Pork Palace"

      2. Went today

        Fried Lasagne - pretty good but was missing something (garlic? meat? mozz?) that would have made it better.

        Fried Girl Scout cookies - (samoa's) I didnt try but the wife said the oreo's we have had in years past were better.

        Johnny Cake in RI building - disappointing. heavy, chewy, bland - not enough sweetness. Have had much better.

        Lobster Roll in ME building - always a hit and a bargain at $9

        Cider, cider slush, cider donuts in VT building - worth the 1.5 hour drive alone

        We left a bit earlier than normal, it must have been 1/2 price if you came in on a rascal scooter today and the wife and I were both a bit annoyed!