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Sep 16, 2012 07:32 PM

Making fresh pasta

Might be a silly question --
I have a stand mixer, a Cuisinart, for which I could get a pasta attachment. But to use it I must first have a flat sheet of pasta, right? The mixer will make shapes like noodles and spaghetti, but not just a wide flat sheet, is that correct?

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  1. You have to buy the pasta roller to get the long flat sheets, or pull out your rolling pin. I actually prefer to mix my pasta by hand, but generally I am making small amounts. The extrusion tool is for a different kind of dough. I own those plates and have never used them.

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      Thanks -- I've been looking at pics and videos, it is becoming clearer haha. Mr. blue room tells me I'm "insensitive to machinery."
      I'll stick to simple. Excited to try, though.

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        Having travelled down this road, I agree with smtucker.

        The attachments for pasta, specifically spaghetti work well and the end product is good, providing the mix is moist and not dry. Having purchased and used the sheet roller plates a number of times, it no longer gets used. In fact I think it was a poorly engineered design.

        Rolling the pasta sheets on marble, granite, or stainless steel with your rolling pin is more satisfying regarding a good end product. The investment of a few good quality hand tools makes better sense.

    2. Get a hand-cranked, old school Italian-made pasta machine. Cheaper than the stand mixer attachments and probably better-made and more durable, too. Think they also turn out a more consistent sheet thickness--the key to good flat cut varieties. Don't think the stand mixer extruders are worth the $.

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        Good advice:

        It is a lot of fun to have 6 or 8 people over so all can have a hand at making their own pasta.