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Sep 16, 2012 07:28 PM

Minneapolis -- dinner options near Marquette Hotel downtown

I will be attending a meeting here later this week and will be looking for casual dining options within walking distance that are very good quality food, but fine for jeans or business casual attire. All cuisines of good, but looking to avoid chains and tourist/business traps. Would prefer restaurants that locals go to if that's possible in the area near and around the Marquette Hotel.

Thanks in advance,

BL -- DC Hound

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  1. Jeans and business casual are good everywhere here, so I'd just scan the downtown threads and take your pick. The 112 is a very good spot, and if the weather is nice, it's very walkable. Closer to where you are, Vincent is quite good and closer to you.

    1. Ditto on Vincent (one of my top three faves in town). And if you're looking for lunch as well as dinner, check out our new crop of food trucks, most of which are within walking distance.

      Check out HeavyTable for a (slightly outdated) summary - things change so rapidly!

      See the amazing TCstreetfood on twitter for daily alerts on truck locations:

      1. About a half mile away is Saffron. The cuisine is Mediterranean and Middle Eastern.

        Also check out The Bachelor Farmer. I'd venture to say there is nothing like it in DC. The food is traditional Nordic but with an updated, Minnesota twist. The Marvel Bar is worth a visit too.

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          I'll second Saffron. I enjoyed everything when I ate there, and the waitstaff was so professional it almost caught me off guard, because even the good restaurants around here often have a very casual FOH vibe.

        2. Saffron is right across the street from the 112 ... do an app or two at one place and dinner at the other.