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Sep 16, 2012 07:08 PM

seafood restaurants in Venice on Sunday/Monday

Ok,I'm the biggest idiot ever, I booked Venice for only 2 nights, and then realized that these days are Sunday and Monday. I love seafood and I was really looking forward to some scampi, mussels,clams. Any chance that some seafood restaurants are open?
Also does anyone know where I can buy seafood, I will have kitchen available and I don't mind to cook myself.

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  1. I think Vini da Gigio is open on Sunday night. It's not a a pure seafood restaurant like Antiche Carampane, for example, but it offers a decent selection. Last April I was surprised to find moeche (soft-shelled crab, which is seasonal) on the menu, and it was beautifully prepared.

    1. True that most of the best all seafood restaurants are closed Sundays and Mondays but you don't have to go to them to enjoy good seafood. As for the common scampi, mussels and clams, they are served at just about every eating place.
      Open Sundays but NOT Mondays:
      Besides above mentioned Vini da Gigio, Bancogiro, Anice Stellato, Boccadoro (all seafood), Alla Frasca, da Rioba
      Open Mondays but NOT Sundays:
      L'Orte dei Mori, Osteria San Marco, da Alberto
      Open both days:
      Fiaschetteria Toscana, Al Covo, La Furatola (all seafood), Ai Sposi Promessi, alla Vedova
      Buying seafood to cook in your apartment: you are out of luck; the Pescheria in the Rialto and the few other seafood stands located here and there in Venice are closed Sundays and Mondays. That leaves the supermarkets which are not recommended for seafood.

      1. Al Covo is open both days and evenings and has excellent seafood. We've also had great Sunday lunches en route to the station at Fontego dei Pescaori but I don't know abou sun eve and Monday.