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Sep 16, 2012 06:57 PM

San Antonio - Terrill Hills Area

Looking for good Chinese, Mexican burgers, steaks and breakfast places that are in or near the area of Terrill Hills/ New Braunfels Avenue. Nothing ultra fancy or expensive, just good eats.


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  1. Haven't eaten in that area in ages.There is the Bun and Barrel on Austin hwy,and the Broadway50/50 on Broadway. There is also Earl Abel's on Austin Hwy in the Terrel Hills Plaza.
    There is Tong's Thai also on the same road, and there are some chinese and a few other places on Austin Hwy and Harry Wurzbach.on Harry Wurzbach is a Korean restaurant. You can go to Yelp and enter Terrill Hills and get some reviews.Also, their is a EZ 's Grill on North New Braunfels and Brees, and one in the Alamo Quarry Market .There is a mexican place on Brees that has healthy choices,and also Sol luna on N.New Braunfels, I think they call it Sunset plaza,it's where it's located.

    1. Thai-Lao Orchid, located in that Sunset Plaza, same as Sol Luna is a terrific pan-Asian place with
      lots of choices. My favorite menu item is Xi Bao ( I think that's how to spell it) is a sort of omelet
      with vegetables, shrimp, chicken, etc. Yum! Also, Cappy's on Broadway near Central Market has grand burgers and salads.

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        Wow, never heard of Thai-Lao Orchid. Also, on Brees, next to what used to be the old Bookstop book store, is EZ's Brick Oven Grill,which has burgers among other things.As far as I know it's still there, just up the hill from the two places mentioned.Also on Brees is a Mexican Restaurant called Acaldo's I think.

      2. Mexican Breakfast (great chilaquiles) - Thousand Oaks cafe on the corner of Austin Hwy and Vandiver rd.
        Burgers - Chesters at 410 and Nacadoches or Cheesy Janes on Broadway and Hildebrand
        I've lived in the area for 20 years and I don't think you will find any great Chinese - Van's on Broadway isn't too bad but nothing special.
        Good Thai - Thai House on Rittiman Road East of Harry Wurzbach (good and cheap)
        The shopping center at Rittiman and Harry Wurzbach has a couple of good places including Teka Molino (mexican) - Longhorn Cafe (burgers) and a Chinese place I haven't tried but might be worth a visit.

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          Just returned from our trip and did, in fact, have burgers at Chesters. Turns out it is one of my grandson's favorite places. Well deserving of his and your praise. We also had a very elegant meal at Silo.