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Ways to meet young foodies

Hey Chowhounders,

Long time lurker but first-time poster here. I moved from Vancouver to North New Jersey a while ago for work and have been going to NYC pretty much every weekend to eat. I've covered a huge variety of places already (e.g. Halal guys, Eleven Madison Park, Ippudo, Katz, Bohemian, Momofuku, Tia Pol, Shake Shack, Spotted Pig) but I'm getting pretty tired of eating by myself most of the time. I want to find some like-minded eating buddies but problems are: 1) it's pretty inconvenient for me to get to NYC so I can only go on weekends and not stay too late and 2) I'm underage and have never been to school or anything here so I don't have a base of friends interested in food here to build off of and I can't attend most food events like Meatopia or the Food and Wine festival.

Any suggestions of ways to meet people (maybe clubs or organzations?) Thanks for the help!

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        I ditto the ditto on Meetup,,, i had the spiciest meal ever when I went to a Red Hot Meetup

      2. Gastronauts is a social group for adventurous eaters that might interest you.

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          It's almost impossible to get into. The waiting list is huge.

          I've had great meals with some CHers arranged through here. Maybe post here whenever you'd like try a new place?

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            That's good to know because I felt personally slighted when I didn't get in given the food writing (and eating) I do here and elsewhere! More Chowdowns on the Manhattan boards are always a good recommendation. They have become too infrequent nowadays.

        2. You're not even 21 and you can afford to go to EMP? Must be doing something right. At 21 I could afford pizza and a pitcher of beer.

          1. I meet a lot of food people on Twitter that I end up eating with and oftentimes, becoming friends with. I think it's relevant for any age.

            1. Thanks for all the suggestions! There's definitely some ideas here I didn't know about that I'll have to check out.

                1. I know this might sound weird but posting your desire to meet "foodie" friends on a public message board like you did here, or eGullet, or even asking friends to introduce you to their friends can really help. I went to NY for the first time a few years ago and had many plans to eat in fine dining establishments but I didn't want to eat alone. I posted a request on eGullet and made a good friend who I am flying to visit (on the plane, literally right now), to meet. We have a dozen places lined up. I am in the position, that I am sure many Chowhounders face, of either having friends who can't afford expensive meals or can, but are unwilling to spend the money.

                  Locally, I contacted a person I knew shared a mutual friend and asked her to brunch. We've been out to eat half a dozen times. It may sound weird but it works!

                  1. Foodspotting.com has EatUps once a month that are a ton of fun and have lots of friendly young people.

                    Also, check out GrubWithUs.com which is an interesting food eat-up concept.

                    Also, Google Places/Zagat hold many events every week that you can attend and meet people.

                    1. You should start a blog and tweet your restaurant reviews. You'll have a huge following and many potential dining companions.

                      1. sighh..I wish I was 21 again..as a full time working mom of 2 little ones, a thought of going into NYC just to eat sounds...just dreamy...

                        I had a close college girl friend who was a foodie and we'd sometimes splurge on a nice meal together. I remember the fabulous dinners we had in Union square cafe and Gramercy tavern. Of course we were no where close to rich but we both had part time jobs and didn't mind spending a large portion of our income on good food. Good times...