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Sep 16, 2012 06:40 PM

How would you use a 2,880 calorie deficit? (And best mashed potatoes and gravy?)

I'm running the Portland Marathon on Sunday, October 7, and want some help finding a post-race dinner spot. I'm looking for PDX Chowhounders' favorite way to mow through 2,880 calories. Last year we ate at an izakaya for our celebratory dinner, and this year I'd like another way to celebrate (i.e., anything but Japanese). We'll have our kids, so it should be fairly kid-friendly. They still have fairly sophisticated palates, though.

I would also like your recommendations for Portland's best lunch spots for mashed potatoes and gravy. This will be for lunch the day before the race.

For your reference, other meals that weekend leading up to and following the race include Pine State Biscuits (breakfast the day before the race), Piazza Italian (race-eve carbo loading), and Veritable Quandary (post-race brunch).

Many thanks!

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