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Sep 16, 2012 06:06 PM

where to buy this year's crop dried red NM chiles - online source [moved from Southwest board]

I'd love to have dried red New Mexico chiles this winter; we were in Santa Fe the first week of September and the fresh green chiles were around but the dried red chiles weren't available yet.

Anyone have a good online source with reasonable prices? I can wait until the dried ones are ready. I looked at the Hatch, NM site for Hatch Valley however there were no online links . I'd love to have some , this year's crop. Thx!

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    1. re: DriverPhil

      Thanks for the link! The prices look really reasonable. We'd been in the are near Deming a few years back so the name of the location looked familiar. thanks again .

    2. is a good company to deal with as well.