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Sep 16, 2012 05:46 PM

Help with Toulouse restaurant recommendations.

We will be spending two nights in Toulouse before we fly out and are looking for restaurants recommendations. It will be my wife,nine year old son and myself. We'd like to eat in places that have traditional South Western food. Rustic and authentic. Maybe some updated versions of some classics but nothing to modern or played with. In other words no molecular gastronomy or presentations played with too much. Reasonably priced.

We are staying at the Best Western Athenee on Rue Matabiou near Blvd de Strasbourg. Thanks in advance for any recommendations.


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  1. I am just back from two nights in Toulouse, a lovely city. I had an excellent and very cheap lunch in Les Fous de Saint Georges, including a really good boudin aux pommes, one of France's great gifts to western civilisation, and a delicious croustade aux abricots. I also ate a dauntingly-sized but good and traditional cassoulet in a restaurant on the Place Saint Georges. Sadly I have forgotten the name - something like Charles, but your hotel may know. Don't miss the wonderful covered market.

    1. This summer we went for lunch to Chez Emile in the Place St Georges; where they supposedly have gutsy Toulousian stuff (aka cassoulet) downstairs and elegant seafood upstairs; but when we arrived the umbrellas were out and the crowds were thronging the Square.
      Upstairs we went. And found a 20 E fishy menu for Colette that was perfect and a 36 E gutsy menu for me. She started with a terrine of salmon that she thought timid but I deemed fine and I had two rondelles of micuit foie gras that were with super toast, super.
      Seconds were a big piece of grilled merlu between mashed potatoes and a half of grilled endive and cassoulet that was gold standard even in this mothercity of all cassoulets.
      I had a fine assortment of cheese from Betty’s and Colette a beautiful daquoise with banana ice cream.
      With a bottle and a half of local rose, terrific bread, tap water and two coffees our damages came to 87 E.

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        We stayed two nights in Toulouse two years ago, and also enjoyed Chez Emile (see As mentioned in that thread, based on recs here, we reserved at 7 Place St. Sernin,, but were not able to get there on time. It looked like a nice place when we walked by the next day, and I'm still hoping to hear a recent report. -- Jake