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Has sour cream changed over the years?

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On a recent visit to Portland, OR, we had several meals at Deschutes. I had a bowl of soup with a dollop of sour cream that was not only delicious but had so much flavor that a tablespoon or two flavored the whole bowl of soup. Somewhere in my past, I enjoyed such a taste. Has sour cream, like apples and malted milk, changed over the years?

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  1. Yes and no.Now we have some small batch producers of butter,ricotta,yogurt and sour cream.
    Each has small differences reflecting the individuality of the herd and the maker,producer.Oregon is a big player in small batch dairy,having three I consider notable.
    At my local supermarkets there are seven nationally available brands,2 organic,5 not.All look,taste and feel different to me.Me disliking 4 of the seven,OK with 2 and almost liking 1,that I will buy in a pinch.
    Two local glass bottle dairies produce a product that is DIFFERENT,and I still have a preferred one.

    1. Check the ingredient list on your sour cream. Some are made with a bunch of thickeners and junk. Some are nothing but milk and enzyme, Daisy's only ingredient is cream

      1. The best sour cream is Nancy's. Try it!! I bought it one day because I was in fancy grocery store and I was not going to drive to another grocery store to save a dollar. So I splurged, not it's all I want!!!

        Just live everything, when it's massed produced, things change!!