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Sep 16, 2012 04:57 PM

Has anyone had the new menu at Chez L'Ami Jean?

Would love any intel on the new dinner menu if anyone has tried it yet

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  1. since the menu changes on a weekly basis, it would be more useful for you to check the rsto website or facebook page

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    1. re: Parigi

      I too would be interested to see how the new dinner format is working. No reports yet of any dinners under the new format yet. Is it good? Is it good value? Do they still turn tables in the evening?

      Obviously I can also check out their website but I prefer to read about people's experience.

      1. re: PhilD

        I just made dinner reservations for the first part of October. I will report back when I return, though having never been before I have little to compare to. The only time they had available was 19:00, and they said that I would have to be done by 21:00. Not real excited about that, especially with an 8 course meal. We will see.

          1. re: PattyC

            Yes does not seem plausible. The new dinner prix fix menu per their facebook page is 8 courses at 75euros. Could it be that they would make you order a la carte in order to ensure you are out by 2100? I have read other reports where people were not rushed out. My other option is change to lunch, but my preference is for dinner.

      2. re: Parigi

        I don't see the new dinner menu on either the website or facebook page. Am I missing something?

        1. re: PattyC

          Sorriest my fault.
          Many of the dishes were actually shown on J├ęgo's own FB page. Hope you can see this absolute food porn: