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Sep 16, 2012 04:56 PM

Need feedback on my Barcelona list

Will be arriving from Paris on a Saturday afternoon for 3 nights and staying in L'Eixample, I'd appreciate and feedback on my restaurant list

Saturday: Dinner at Gelonch or Con Gracia (alas, I could not get a rez at Tickets or Dos Cielos)

Sunday: lunch at Cerveceria Catalana, dinner at Paco Merlago (any other good recommendations for a Sunday?)

Monday: lunch at Pinotxo, dinner at Tapac 24

Would also love a recommendation on a good place for hot chocolate & churros as well as any other feedback.


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  1. I have nothing to say about the fine dining places since I don't know them, but I would dump Cerveceria Catalana which isn't really that good anyway, and replace it with lunch in Barceloneta which is the traditional thing to do. Searching the board will bring up a few threads about sunday lunch in Barceloneta. Chocolate and churros, at least good ones, are not that easy to come by in Barcelona. Searching this board will also be very useful for this.

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      i agree on cerveceria catalana... it's a popular spot as it's quite crowded. the food is good but not great. my favorite experience was at quimet y quimet, which isn't close to l'eixample, but it's great little spot for a casual bite. note that it's quite small and not a sit-down restaurant type place at all. delicious mixed plates and montaditos, though. i remember their hours were tricky, though, so look them up beforehand.

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        Here's my tip for the best churros and chocolate combo in Barcelona:

      2. Generally speaking fresh, still warm churros seem hard to come by at most of the places that specialize in chocolate in Barcelona. (Though, honestly, I haven't spent much time looking.) Cold churros are about as good as cold french fries, at least in my opinion.
        If you really want chocolate in Barcelona, melindros (essentially lady fingers) are a traditional, and I think more appetizing, alternative to churros.

        1. Just in Barcelona a few weeks ago and we really enjoyed Catalana. Might have been that we ordered well. Noticed most of the locals or Spanish speakers in the place ordered assorted Montaditos as well as some of the changing daily specials the few times we were there. We stuck with that strategy and generally enjoyed our meals there. Also appreciated it was very accessible and an easy place to drop in for snacks and drinks.