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Sep 16, 2012 04:24 PM

Merguez in OC?

Does anyone know where I might be able to buy Merguez sausage in OC?

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  1. Not sure if they are any good, but Whole Foods has merguez. It is not there all the time, but I have seen it more times than not recently. I have never seen it on an OC menu at a restaurant though. I am assuming you want it to cook?

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    1. re: A5 KOBE

      Thanks. Yes, I enjoyed a wonderful lamb/Merguez/couscous entree last evening at Marché Moderne in South Coast Plaza. It was beautifully presented in a traditional tagine and was delicious. It inspired me to try to replicate it at home...thus my search for Merguez.

      1. re: josephnl

        If you want to take a trip, I found that Hadar Kosher on Fairfax has amazing merguez. A bit far from the OC but well worth the trip. Or some place to keep in mind when out that way.