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Sep 16, 2012 04:21 PM

Pears we pulled off our tree

I have a pear tree in my kids pulled about 50 of them off yesterday and I noticed that all though they are NOT horrible they are definitely not good enough IMO to be eaten out of, the question I have is what in the sam hell do I do with them? any ideas?

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  1. I think poaching under-ripe pears helps pull out their sweetness. The poaching liquid could be many different things depending on your preferences. If they are very sour, you might consider a savory chutney to serve with meats.

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      What SMTucker said, plus Jam. add in what the pears themselves ae lacking- texture with some ginger or apples, sweetness, etc. You might get a little over-peared, but they do pair nicely with cheeses and nuts.

    2. I would make pear jam. My favourite recipe includes vanilla bean. Or you could make a pear ginger chutney. I've also made pear crisp.

      1. Pear Marmalade: Peel and core 5 pounds of hard nasty pears from your tree. Grind them coarsely or process in a Cuisinart coarsely along with 1 whole lemon, rind and all, just take out the seeds. Add 1/2 cup chopped candied ginger, 1 entire can crushed pineapple, and 7 cups of sugar. Simmer until it gels. Makes 11-12 glasses.

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          Querencia, I don't own a cuisinart or any kind of food processor. What I have is a blender and a hand mixer...can I use either of those?

        2. All amazing ideas....I don't bake, at least I've never been successfull at it and I cringe when i think of the work that goes into canning...I am a poor poor chowhound LOL. I am looking for simple stove top like recipes. Thanks however, to everybody who replied.

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            Chutney and Marmalade are both simple stovetop recipes. They will keep in the fridge for months. And if there is too much, you can give the refrigerated goodness to friends.

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              would any of you be so kind as to give me a recipe or a its entirety? I apologize in advance for my neediness

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                Pear Chutney..... it's an old recipe I have, so apologies that the measurements are not metric. This yields about 6 pounds.

                4lb pears
                8oz onion
                1.5 pints brown malt vinegar
                1.5 lbs sugar
                6oz chopped preserved ginger
                8oz raisins
                0.5 teaspoon each, ground mixed spice, dry mustard powder, ground cinnaomon
                1 teaspoon salt

                Chop pears and onions finely (processor is a good idea). Put in pan with half the vinegar and simmer until soft and pulpy. Add eveything else and simmer until thick. Then put into storage jars. This a long-temr keeper which will last, literally, for years in the cupboard. And no need to fridge once you've opened a jar.

          2. Do you have a crock pot? This pear butter recipe is nice. If you don't want to can the results you can freeze it or put it in the refrigerator.