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Sep 16, 2012 04:07 PM

Bunch of birds eye chilis...what to to with them

I was given a plant recently and there are probably a couple of dozen red chilis on it. What would you do with them...

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  1. I would use a needle and thread to string them together (not too close) and dry them. I throw a couple in chicken soups/stews and crush and use in place of red pepper flakes.

    1. I keep mine in the freezer, in a ziploc bag, and just pull them out when needed.

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      1. re: Chocolatechipkt

        I too prefer frozen chiles to dried when it comes to future uses - especially something like a papaya salad.. I feel they retain more of their fruity characteristics.

        As to how to use them now, I might make myself a fruit salad by cutting up some melon chunks and tossing 'em with thin slices of the chiles. I also like them sliced as a garnish for a pho(esque) soup we often eat (along with basil and cilantro). A handful of them thrown into a stir fry is also a great way to go.

      2. Chop them up, put them in a jar and cover with vinegar. Eat the chillis with various asian foods (fried rice, noodles) and use the vinegar to flavor collard greens.

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          Chop all the green stem off, slice in half and stuff a bottle with as many as you can fit in then add 750ml of Vodka-keep in freezer for emergencies.