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Sep 16, 2012 02:11 PM

Chatime, Soho, London

A newish branch of a bubble tea chain that originated in Taiwan; located on Old Compton Street.

Excellent classic pearl milk tea -- the tea flavour rich and smooth, the tapioca pearls tender and chewy. Compares very well with Candy Cafe and Bubble Jam, probably a slight notch better.

Curious to try their varieties of tea mousse.

Their website:

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  1. Chatime's quite a hit in Singapore, too - I quite liked this "second wave" of bubble-tea craze to hit East Asia - unlike the "first wave" ones where most of the bubble-tea shops sold highly-sweetened, disappointingly sub-standard iced beverages, these newer bubble-tea chains like Chatime actually came up with very good quality iced teas with distinctive aroma and flavors.

    1. Limster (or anyone else), do you know anywhere that does a wider range of drinks including ones with grass jelly as well as tapioca pearls? I used to love the ones I had at Oriental City, but I've not found anywhere since then. (I'm STILL in mourning, may never get over the closure of OC, was 10 minutes drive from home and especially hard to swallow given that the developers that bought the site, pushed everyone out etc. pulled out of everything in the end).

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        Candy Cafe and Boba Jam has grass jelly and QQ jelly iirc. So does one of the stalls near the Tianjin pancake stalls in Chinatown, but haven't tried their bubble tea yet...

        1. re: limster

          Oh! How did I miss that? I went to Candy Cafe once, a long time back, didn't see grass jelly then but will go again. Not been to Boba Jam, but will check now. Thanks...