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Sep 16, 2012 01:37 PM

Anyone eat at Seredipity yet?

Curious minds want to know!

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  1. According to their facebook, they're opening tomorrow the 18th.

      1. my SO and i hit it up Friday nite. Paul from Tujagues is tending bar, the menu of which is Ed Diaz's from Bar Tonique. what this means is you can take your pick from craft cocktails or what Paul does best. i did one of each...Paul's "Angostura Rum Phoshate" is one of the best cocktails ive had in my life but is not on the menu.

        ambiance - the space is concrete and black. personally it's too stark & sterile for my taste, but my SO enjoyed it. music was great ultra-lounge stuff.

        service - fantastic from door to door.. from the moment we game in to our exist the staff was attentive, friendly, and enthusiastic. Chef Debarr was all over the floor and brought out a dessert amuse bouche. the personal touch really worked well here.

        food - good. i had the 5-course tasting menu which, at $40, was impressive. not perfect, but good. his signature watermelon-ginger-avocado-crab cold soup is still a hit, and the closing beet "ravioli" w/ truffled goat cheese and molasses something er other was excellent. my SO had a steak special w/ blue cheese mash which was very good. vegetarian- and pescatarian-friendly. wine was very reasonably priced, we got a bottle that we really enjoyed at $35.

        prices - very good...we had the 5-course, the steak special, two apps and a bottle of wine...after tax, $100.

        a couple small issues in pacing, but as they find their way im sure it will iron out.

        would recommend.

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          Thanks for the review! I keep looking online for anything vaguely resembling an actual menu and there is nothing to be found; their FB page has plenty of photos of the staff and the space, but if they've already been open almost a couple weeks and aren't posting a menu anywhere, it makes me wonder how ready they are to BE open....

          1. re: CEfromLA

            yeah i dont know why restauranteurs tend to overlook their websites, but it happens a lot.

            definitely ready to be open. go check it out.

        2. Went this past Saturday and, sadly, wasn't impressed. Has a similar menu to Green Goddess, but I just felt the execution was off on some dishes, while the flavor was off on others. First, we ordered drinks from the expansive cocktail menu and apps. Apps came out before drinks. I'm not sure why this happened, but if you've got a huge list of crazy cocktails, you have to have some lightning fast bartenders. Not sure if that's the problem, but it seems logical. I only saw two bartenders, which is probably reasonable for most places, but on a busy Saturday night, that probably won't cut it here. Apart from that, there were no real service issues to speak of. Servers did a good job.

          Dishes we had: stuffed, fried okra. Tasty but was not fresh out of the grease. Warm and a bit soggy as a result. Would've been really good if hot and crispy. Corn pudding was my fav dish of the night. Hot, buttery, and tasty. Lamb baklava was well executed, hot and flaky, but my wife felt it was too sweet. It was very sweet. It was like meat dessert, but I liked it. Empanada was good, but like the stuffed okra felt like it had been sitting around a while. I thought it was just ok. Spooky mushrooms was a take on the spooky blue crepes from GG, which I loved. Only this time it was huitlacoche and wild mushrooms atop fried polenta cakes. Dish tasted burnt, and the polenta cakes tasted like they had been prepared a long time before. (seeing a theme here?) We had a foie gras dessert that was foie gras pate spread on a pastry with a chocolate sauce. This dish was by far the most expensive dessert at 13.00. This was the ugliest dish I have seen in a while. It looked like something you'd see in a high school cafeteria: imagine a bagel split in two, spread with pate, resting in a brown, gravy-like sauce. No garnish, nothing. It just looked gross. It tasted ok, but nothing special.

          All in all it was an acceptable meal, with nothing revelatory and a few flops. It was fairly inexpensive, as were the wine and cocktails. Maybe give it some time before you go.

          1. Ate here last Friday as our requisite romantic-ish dinner that we take every vacation. I have to say I was quite pleased with what we ordered: the fried okra rellenos, the corn casserole, the crab banh xeo, the corn polenta/huitlacoche dish, and the beet ravioli. The only complaints either my husband and I could make was a slightly heavy hand with the salt in the banh xeo filling, and the just moreish butteriness/slickness of the parsley persillade on the polenta. Alongside a bottle of lovely Greek red--Chef Chris came by our table twice, delighted both times we were familiar with Greek wines (due to our love of the private imports you get at Milos in Montreal, where we are)--you really couldn't beat those nice dishes and wine for $100, not including tip.

            Our server was prompt and courteous, the restaurant intimate without being loud (my husband especially loved the room between tables; Quebec is very brasserie/bistro, obv, where all the tables are very very close together). I am sorry I didn't get to try one of the choices for their tribute to Hubig's pies, but I couldn't eat another bite!

            Also, Ralph wins for being so understanding when our cab was late and thus we were late for our reservation!